So what has basically come to be known as fact is:

Russia attempted to interfere in our election process.


I want you to parse this statement carefully, and really think hard about what this is…and what this is not saying.

What it is saying:

  1. Russia made efforts to undermine our elections
  2. Russia did hack DNC and Podesta, and made attempts to hack RNC
  3. Russia had made efforts to try and connect with U.S. officials
  4. Russia did make efforts to find voting booths
  5. Russia did deal with “fake news” to the tune of spending in the upwards of $200 million on this.
  6. Facebook did spread fake news, real truths, and real news
  7. Russia was successful in putting doubt in peoples’ minds about the legitimacy of our election process, and this is all that was required for them to be successful

What it is not saying:

  1. Russia worked directly with Team Trump in some sort of way to rig the election for Trump
  2. Russia collaborated with U.S. officials or campaigns on any form of quid pro quo for exchanging hacks for favors.
  3. Russia successfully changed votes anywhere
  4. Russia hacked airlines and prevented Clinton from campaigning in important states she lost
  5. Russia provided the campaign message to Hillary Clinton she used to effectively campaign all over the country
  6. Russia indeed rigged the democratic primary against Bernie Sanders.  This, in fact, was the DNC, and the Russian hacks actually exposed how we were undermining democracy ourselves.
  7. Russia prevented Joe Biden, or any other democrat on the planet, from running against Trump and winning


Now, let’s unpack something serious.  What the fuck to do about it.

Earlier this week on one of my Facebook posts, I wrote, “so what?”  I was quickly pounced on by those who wanted blood revenge against our soviet counterparts.  “Let’s get em!”   “Unacceptable!!”

Who did this?  Putin?  Possibly.

What many of you don’t understand, is this is part of spy games that every country does.  Some battles you win, some battles you lose.  These are battles and wars none of you ever hear about, or know much about, because it’s not reality TV or have a Kardashian posing for a cover of the story.

For example, are you aware that the United States has been rigging elections worldwide since 1940?  Our intelligence services have fought shadow wars to bribe, cajole, and RIG elections worldwide for us to put a person in power in that country who is friendly to U.S. interests.  One of the most FAMOUS examples of this is the Shah of Iran.  He was a puppet of ours, and if you look at pictures of Iran and how women dressed prior to 1979, you will see almost no difference to how women in the United States dressed.  I guess it incensed the very religious folks there that women were dressing so western, and for a variety of other reasons, they had a revolution and put in a religious leader as their head of state.  They despised the United States for putting in someone in power who they felt did not reflect the views of their people.

Today, we regard Iran as one of our mortal enemies.  Iran sponsors terrorism, and for that, they are our enemy.

But peel back that layer.  We interfered in the sovereignty of another nation.  In fact, I read a NY Times article that stated that we have 81 unique cases since 1940 where we have done so.

We have been the Babe Ruth of election rigging.  And, people don’t like us for it.

Why have we done it?  Well, it served our interests of capitalism.  Imagine you have an oil rich nation in Africa or the Middle East.  They have a despot in power, and no American products are sold there.  We have barriers to enter markets then.  Tons of money there, lots of market potential, but we can’t sell our cars or products there.  If we could just get a leader in there who is friendly to our interests, we can sell jeans, miniskirts, put McDonalds there, sell American cigarettes, sell American cars.  This then creates more jobs back home and helps a president’s approval ratings.  The target nation can then have access to more goods, and more often than not, you may have Coca Cola opening factories there to produce/distribute the product locally.  This creates jobs there, and more money for their people means we can then sell more products.

Our stock market goes up.  U.S. citizens are richer.  More taxes are collected, and our military gets stronger.

This is how American imperialism works, and not many people think about it daily.  Our ridiculously large military is not only there to fight for our freedoms – but make no mistake, our large military is also there to open up new markets and secure American interests in other countries from being seized.  Think about all American assets that were in Cuba in 1959 and were seized by Castro and the state.  As part of our growth model, we also grow the military in order to protect/insure our overseas investments.

But why would Russia interfere with our election?

While Trump had taken a tone of trying to be friendly to the Russians, Clinton and others had taken a hawkish approach.  Little do most of us remember the “reset” where Clinton and her team tried working with Putin – and time and time again Putin’s country said one thing and did another.  Putin had little respect for Clinton and Obama, and his actions were brazen and remained unchecked.  Look up “Clinton reset button” and pictures.  It’s just stupid looking and embarrassing.  Some people around the world do not indeed share our value system, and do not respond well to weak people.

Romney called this in 2012, and many of us laughed it off – myself included.  While Romney fell off the cliff with his “binders full of women” and the “47%”, Clinton fell off with the “bucket of deplorables” and just generally losing touch with anyone who wasn’t a  Hollywood millionaire.  But when you listen to Clinton, she sounded like someone who tried really hard against the Russians and failed.  Because of this, we were to then assume that no one on the planet could ever work with them.  There was no part of this that maybe Putin and his team had no respect for us, and perhaps if we had a leader who showed strength, perhaps this tactic might work better?

I don’t know.  We shall see.

But one thing I can tell you is Trump’s team apparently is trying to establish peace through strength and strong business ties.  While democrats saw Tillerson as some sort of Russian puppet put in place to appease Putin…I saw something completely different.

Russian wanted to undermine our election process so that either person who won would fight/dispute the election.  The idea was to plant enough seeds to then have us tear ourselves apart, spend months or years in house/senate hearings, and while we were distracted by internal politics – no foreign agenda could get done and we would not be able to pay that much attention to Russia spreading their influence.

While the United States has a mature market system, Russia is part of the BRICS +16 – that is, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the countries that have emerging markets but are not mature.   Russia is wishing to expand their influence like we have.  However, unlike the litany of American products we have to sell – they have energy.  They need to sell more energy to keep their economy healthy and build their military.  We oppose this strategically, because a really strong Russia is not good for us ideologically.

So – we oppose Putin expanding his influence, and Russia made attempts to interfere in our election to get us to do pretty much exactly what we were doing now.

One thing to note.  The DNC was hacked.  We all know this.  Within a day, the story was it was Russians who hacked this, and then shortly thereafter, the DNC came up with the narrative that Trump asked the Russians to hack it.  Why?  A few weeks earlier, in a joke, Trump challenged the Russians to find the 30,000 emails that Hillary “lost”.  What many of you don’t realize were three things:

  1. Because Hillary’s server was not in a DoD facility and stored in a contractor’s bathroom, it is likely that most every intelligence service in the world had all of her emails already.  Including the 100+ classified emails sent.
  2. By the time Trump issued that challenge, the server hard drives had been wiped several times over and given to the authorities.  You could not hack these drives at this point, because it was well known there was nothing on them.
  3. The only people who had these emails were Hillary’s team and intelligence services.  When Trump suggested the Russians get these emails, he was indeed challenging any intelligence service to release the contents of these 30,000 emails.  However, intelligence services probably determined there was:
    1. nothing germane to release that helps their national interests
    2. no benefit to letting the world know their hacking capabilities and tip off what intelligence they did or did not have

So, the DNC based the narrative of Trump working with Putin to hack the DNC based on the above information.  Seth Rich had recently been murdered, and Assange intimated HE was the leaker of the emails.  Something of interest here:

  1. Just because the Russians hacked this information, does not mean they released the information.  There are conspiracy sites out there that are showing Guccifer 2.0 was not Russian, but masked information from a source inside the DNC.  Maybe the Russians did release it.
  2. Seth Rich is rumored to be the leaker of the documents, presumably because he stumbled upon the DNC rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, and he felt compelled to release this information.  When he was murdered in an upscale area, nothing was taken from him, including the cash in his wallet.  It appeared to be a hit job.
  3. After Seth Rich was murdered, the entirety of the DNC focused non-stop of Trump and Russia, and the news media followed suit.   24×7 Trump and Russia.  11 months later, there is zero evidence that exists that shows there was any form of collusion.  Evidence suggests the Russians tried to hack the RNC as well but failed.  Even though no evidence exists, people appear to try and build a circumstantial case to suit their narrative, despite evidence to back this up.  This is even admitted to by the Democrats.  However, the narrative now is “getting to the bottom of it”.  It’s been 11 months folks.  With how much leaking happens in Washington, mysteriously, there’s no leaked documents on evidence to support this narrative.


Today, Democrats have lost their mind.  They WANT there to be evidence so they can impeach him.  I saw a silly article, which I admit is either false or fake news, that suggested that 74% of democrats feel if Trump is impeached, that Clinton will become president.  This is sort of laugh out loud absurd – but I’m not sure Democrats realize that Pence would become president.  He miiiiight just be a little more social conservative  than Trump.