Every day, I keep hearing Schumer and Pelosi going on and on about “Russia”.  Just last week, Clinton once again blamed Comey and Russia for her loss, not for one second bothering to drive outside of metropolitan areas to see the countryside littered with Trump signs.

What are the dems missing?

First, evidence.  As recently as this past week, you had both Clapper and Maxine Waters both quoted as saying there is no evidence.  After nearly a year of investigating.  Not one shred.

Second, you’re missing Russia’s objectives.  And this is the game changer.  While you are sipping the Clinton Kool-Aid as to why she lost, you’re also missing that Russia didn’t go through all of this to put Trump into power, they realized our country is pretty divided and have been doing everything they can to not only destabilize our democracy, but delegitimize anyone who would have won as president.  While we’re bickering over shit, they are then busy doing what they do best.

Point 1:  Both DNC and RNC servers had hacking attempts.  The RNC computers were patched correctly and were not vulnerable to exploits.  The DNC servers were not properly managed and exploited.

Point 2: “Russian Hacking”.  While security firms seemed to point to Russia, at the first sign of issue, the DNC did not wish to turn over their equipment to the FBI for investigation.  Later, they used a security firm.  During this time, all of the emails you’ve come to love were removed.  Problem is, there’s no attribution.  Most hacking tools you can get for free and use.  So maybe the hack came from a Russian computer.  Russia’s very famous for cyber criminals who target people for money.  Whether the Kremlin ordered this, carried it out, or had surrogates carry it out – is unclear.  And the problem is, if you can’t attribute it to a nation-state, then you don’t have much of a leg to stand on to blame a country.  Here, I’d contend that the DNC’s poor cyber defenses led to a breach.  The problem is, that the Dems are somehow leeching to a theory that Trump and Putin somehow collaborated on this.  What you are failing to grasp here is that a lot of what was released was also embarrassing to Mr. Trump.

Point 3: “Get her emails”.  After the Clinton team erased 30,000+ email messages, destroyed/”lost” 14 PDAs with her emails on them (2 had a hammer taken to them), Trump on the campaign trail dared people to get her emails.  This was probably not the smartest thing to say, and probably where a lot of people begin with their analysis.  The problem is this: At the time of saying this, two things had happened:

  1. The only people who could have possibly had Clinton’s emails were those who had previously hacked the server before it was erased – meaning Clinton’s team and any nation state who may have had the ability to compromise a server in a contractor’s bathroom.  My guess is if Clinton had won, these emails would have been dumped by the Russians or anyone else within 30 days of her being sworn in to destabilize the Clinton presidency….and those calling for an independent investigation would be the Republicans after Clinton.
  2. Her campaign manager, Podesta, was “hacked”.  His password was “password”.  Many embarrassing emails came out of this, but to say this was the Russians, is again taking into account one of many types of organizations within Russia who would have done this.  The overall problem is anyone on the planet who saw his email address from the Clinton email dumps could have used some form of brute force attempt to crack his password.  Interestingly, it would have taken all of .0000001 seconds to crack the password.  Given CYBER is now the fifth domain of warfare, and our president would ultimately by in charge of USCYBERCOM, nothing about Clinton’s track record dating back to the state department cable leaks in 2011 which led to WikiLeaks’ prominence has given me much confidence in her awareness on how information warfare works.  However, her side is now utilizing a form of information warfare using propaganda and saying “Russia” every other day, despite no grains of truth.  The constant accusations are now “truth”, despite no evidence of this.

Point 4: Dems in a spiral.  I believe an independent investigation was called for Clinton with Whitewater, which then led a year later to the president denying sexual relations “with that woman”.  The calls for an independent investigation right now are not to tie Trump to Russia…it’s to shove their hand up his ass so far that they want to find any form of any kind of malfeasance to then remove him as president.  All of you who truly believe Trump had some sort of deal with Putin before this, well, it’s not true – but you hate this man so much that you want someone to remove him because perhaps of not filing a document properly on a 1974 land deal.  For you, your drinking of this Kool Aid is so strong, so severe, that you are blind to the fact that this “independent investigation” is nothing more than the Dems trying to use all means necessary to remove Trump – even though no evidence exists over collusion.  To deny your motives here is silly, and is part of the narrative of how the Russians are working to destabilize our  presidency.  One could even make a veiled argument that those actively trying to remove Trump are unknowingly working as an agent for Russia.  And….why I would say no president should ever have an independent investigation launched against them, ever again – Dem or Republican.  The scope of that investigation against Bill Clinton went off the rails, and the same would happen against Trump.  Someone would find some dirt, somewhere, 20-30 years ago, then use this to call for his resignation….again, further destabilizing our democracy.

And if you’re buying into this Russia thing, you’re now doing exactly what Putin wanted you to do.

Let’s recap….

  1. Putin and his cronies did not hack the voting booths.  People turned out en masse to vote for Trump.
  2. The electoral college victory is all that matters.  Trump’s people spent a third of what Clinton’s did and ran a more efficient campaign, winning over people in strategic areas and conceding NY/CA early.  Clinton was missing for weeks on end and many of you gloss over her serious health issues that kept her from campaigning stronger.
  3. Clinton points to Comey’s announcement a few weeks before as the death knell.  What you’re missing here is the 24×7 coverage of CNN playing the tapes where Trump talked about grabbing women by the pussy, and not bleeping any of it out.  Intentionally trying to shock people over the dinner table, watching CNN with their children.  I don’t think Trump could possibly have gotten more bad press.
  4. The entire press was against Mr. Trump.  Trump did no favors by bungling certain things, making certain things cringe-worthy, and tweeting shit he had no business tweeting.
  5. Trump has been calling for a stronger military, nukes in S Korea, Japan – places which are close to Russia and they would not want it.
  6. Trump’s team have TIES to Russia!!  Well, yes.  Many of these people are international businessmen.  Many of these people are paid speakers, who travel the world making lots of money for paid speeches.  Many of these are international consultants.  They are, in a nutshell, experienced on the global stage and not some academic who has never left the classroom.  Anyone who has ever taken a marketing class has heard about the BRICS+15.  That is, emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – and 15 others.  The concept is most mature markets like the US, Britain, France, Germany – are saturated markets.   What you want to do is get your people in the door at the BRICS countries to penetrate the new markets to compete prior to markets becoming mature and reducing profit margins.  So, if you run an international business, you should be doing business in the BRICS countries.  This is about the most simple concept of marketing out there for a capitalist country.  The problem is, you then take Paul Manafort’s consulting agreement for Ukraine 10 years ago and turn it into some sort of mysterious cabal.  Ukraine not Russia.  You look at Tillerson’s experience as CEO of one of the largest companies in our country actively trying to penetrate Russian markets (energy is Russia’s top export) and you see his success navigating deals with Russia as he’s somehow an agent of them??  The most serious of all of these allegations go to Michael Flynn – with some just reasoning.  While under the Obama presidency, in 2015, he had speaking engagements with Russia and did not disclose these payments.  This is indeed serious, and should have been addressed, in 2015.  Flynn lied about this (far before he knew Trump), and when it was exposed, he was fired.  Had he simply filled out a form and detailed what he did, he’d probably still be the national security advisor.  It’s not like he was caught in a hotel room with Russian hookers or something and was blackmailed.  That being said, Flynn did not get the people in the great state of Wisconsin to vote for Trump, Hillary never once campaigned there.   To add to this, you have to understand that the Clinton team had even closer ties with Russia.  Look at Podesta’s brother.  Look at Bill Clinton’s paid speeches.  Clinton was the Secretary of State and had direct relations with them for years, you’re telling me she didn’t make promises years ago if she won?
  7. The “Blue Wall” fell, and with that, so did Clinton’s hope for presidency.  I live in York, PA – ground zero of the easternmost part of the Blue Wall, if you will.  Further east of me are democrat stalwart areas that I grew up in.  Trump and Pence were out here in the Lancaster/York/Harrisburg area many times.  Our local economies are factories and small manufacturing that have been sent overseas, decimating our local economies and bringing crime in massive waves.  Hershey is in the area, and they’ve sent most of their production to Mexico for cheaper labor.  His message resonated with the people in this area, and further west to Pittsburgh, all through the Midwest – our economies have been based in manufacturing, steel, and other goods that are now sent overseas.  I was on the fence between the two, and I saw one commercial which completely turned me off to Clinton.  It stated at the end of the commercial, that the solution to jobs leaving would be “to fine companies that leave the country”.  For real?  That was their solution?  While Mr. Trump might not have the most perfect solutions, he seems to make every attempt to TRY to even the playing field and bring back at least SOME jobs.  Clinton wanted to “fine companies that left”.  Really?  I mean, REALLY?  When every single state in the Blue Wall fell, so did Ms. Clinton’s hope for presidency.  And that, my friends, was how she lost – not the Russians.  Her own campaign messages brought on the end of the Blue Wall, not the Russians.


So, when you talk to your friends in the echo chamber today, consider the possibility that Clinton was a worse candidate than Trump.  In any other election, in any other year, Trump could have been defeated by:

  • Biden
  • Kerry
  • Sanders
  • any other democrat without the last name Clinton


What did the Russians actually do?

  • Tried to hack both candidates, succeeded on the dem side.
  • Released emails from the DNC that showed that the democratic primaries were indeed rigged against Mr. Sanders, and showed that CNN collaborated with Ms. Clinton’s campaign to feed her debate questions to give her a leg up on Mr. Sanders.
  • Released emails from the DNC/Podesta which showed embarrassing intel on Mr. Trump
  • Spent $200 million on “fake news” sites so that rubes would share false and misleading stories about BOTH candidates that would fly through social media.  This also then had CNN carrying fake news sources and provided them legitimacy, while meanwhile degrading the legitimacy of “real news”.
  • Destabilized our electoral college system
  • Destabilize the legitimacy of either candidate who would win
  • Fomented such an environment of hatred towards each candidate so much, that today we have our left friends actively trying to curtail the free speech of those who oppose their doctrine (see Berkeley).
  • Created an environment where more people trust our government less


So, Dems…I have to ask you a serious question.  If you honestly believe, today, that there was collaboration between Putin and Mr. Trump – is it because you honestly think that, or has the stage been set where you hate him so much that your goal is to remove him at all costs and the ends justify the means?

I then have to tell you that Mike Pence might be the most right-leaning politician in our entire government and Trump is a moderate compared to him.

I would ask that you soul search very hard about the Clinton presidential campaign, and accept Mr. Trump as the President of the United States.  I would then ask on issues that you disagree with Mr. Trump on, to actively and fervently defend your principles using the democratic system that we have in place.  I would not ask for you to agree with our president, only to identify clearly the issues you feel strongly about and vote in the next election with your heart and mind.  If he only lasts 4 years, c’est la vie.  But you are actively acting as an agent of Russia to continue this nonsense that he didn’t legitimately win.

And that is how the  Russians affected our country.  Had Clinton won, we would be in the same boat, reversed, and you would be telling us the same shit.