For anyone who has never read my blog, I was a democrat for 20 years.  For the last several years, I’ve been at odds with people in my own party – so much that I switched parties.

The problem is, the left does not have a strong counter-argument, so anyone who is disagreeing with them is being labeled a bigot, racist, or even xenophobic.

Illegal immigration does NOT equal “immigration”.  These are two, complete, separate topics that the left constantly intentionally tries to conflate to inflame the legal immigrant community.  Constantly.  How many times on CNN do right-leaning guests have to correct the left-leaning guests to mention “illegal”?  How many times are there no right-leaning guests and this statement is not challenged?

When you start to hear people calling names, it means they don’t have a legit counter-argument.

I have been alarmed the last year or so.  While the left has feared the orange haired man taking us to the brink of world war 3, the right is fearing the left is becoming fascist mobs not capable of rationally discussing differences.  These mobs are inciting violence, throwing people into categories and shaming them publicly for disagreeing or not being politically correct, and turning it into anger/violence rather than sitting down at a table and talking.  Look at how Milo and Coulter have been treated at Berkeley.  The left-leaning police departments are also then saying they will not stand in the way of the riots.  It’s now scary how politics are crushing free speech – to the point Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren came out this past week to express disappointment that Coulter’s free speech has been infringed.  When a socialist is coming out to defend Coulter’s free speech – you know you have to do some soul searching folks.

I cannot discuss politics with the left-leaning members of my family.  While I once shared a spot at the voting booths with them, they cannot even talk 3 minutes of any of this without lashing out at me, calling OHM (orange-haired-man) names, and getting over-emotional.  I spent YEARS laughing at my friends when they talked about the “liberl media” – until now I see it for myself.  Today, 90% of the media outlets are actively trying to mold your opinion against OHM.  It’s all over the airwaves, the papers – if you don’t think like them, you are thrown into a class of people that is racist, bigot, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist.

To disagree is not allowed.  You are then shouted down by far leftists.

So while I still have trepidation over OHM and foreign policy, he’s also been scoring points with me on that front.  I fully support him now, and he’s been getting much better.  He’s our president, and I’m hopeful about the future.

To say that, in this country, today – you must watch yourself, as the far leftists want to shame you for having that opinion.  I also supported Obama until the last 2 years or so.  I still liked him, but felt he was perpetuating a soft image that other countries started to take advantage of.  I never liked the concept of Obamacare in that if you didn’t have insurance, you’d have to pay for it under the threat of jail.

So I wanted to set the stage that I’m not some lifelong Republican that just blindly follows the party.

On this issue, the republicans are 100% correct.  To disagree with any of my points below is against logic.  Therefore, illogical.  The only arguments that can be presented to counter these arguments are based in emotion and projection.  For example, OHM did talk about deporting every single illegal.  The far left uses this as the billboard statement to then defend every last illegal here like it’s their Alamo.  OHM simply backed away from that and said that he’s staying away from DACA and going after the “real” criminals here first.  But since he first said “all illegals”, you want to hold on to this projected image you have of Nazis rounding up people and sending them to their deaths.   This is different, and to not understand the difference shows the depths of your programming by the media.

So…why is OHM man correct?

  1. The law.  If you don’t like the law, change it.  Your means of changing it is by allowing 10-30 million illegal immigrants come into this country and then allowing them to become citizens, to then vote your party in power to change the laws.  What your far leftist friends are not telling you is that by providing handouts to illegal immigrants, they are essentially buying future votes when they become citizens.  Right now, the laws on the books have been broken.  While you feel it’s ok to “turn a blind eye”, you now have created problems in this country.  Sanctuary cities.  These cities (270 last I heard?) have felt it’s ok to then “turn a blind eye” to federal laws on immigration.  So….the laws on the books all of these people (except the dreamers) have willfully violated.  While you want to show empathy to their plight, you are also saying it’s ok to violate federal law.  Pick whatever emotional reason you have, but your logic is emotional and not rational.  They broke the law.
  2. Because many people broke the law with no punishment, you have also invited a lot of bad elements into this country.  My leftist friends want to take the narrative that “the people coming in are statistically less criminal than those already here”.  I’d really like you to prove that to me.  First, these are illegal immigrants, and my leftist friends call them “undocumented”.  If they are indeed undocumented, then how do you know?  For many of these that came across the border in the darkness of night were never vetted by our government for approval.  Yes, many have overstayed visas.  However, I want you to tell me this:
    • The exact number, precisely, of how many illegal (or undocumented in your language) people we have here.  Now.  This moment.
    • The exact number, precisely, of how many of these have criminal records in their home countries or even criminal records here.  Now.  This moment.
    • The exact number, precisely, of how many of these have committed crimes since being in this country and have not been deported.  Now.  This moment.

The problem you now have with the three statements above, is that you don’t really have a clue.  And that’s unfortunate.  Because if you could answer those questions, precisely, you might negate my argument.  However, you cannot tell me the answers to these questions, therefore, you don’t know what criminals (or terrorists) have come across our borders.

3.  How many of the illegal immigrants here have murdered people in this country?  If you read the number above, you’d find that all of the illegals in this country are peaceful people.  And guess what, you’d probably be right 99% of the time.  I don’t think anyone on the right is disagreeing with you on this.  But why….WHY…WHYYYYYYYY…would you let that 1% into this country in the first place.  Here’s something you might like.  And here’s something which got me listening to the right’s position.  And these numbers cannot be disputed.  These are not fake news.  These are not the Huffington Post trying to tell me everything is right in the world, as long as we get along and don’t be mean to each other.  These are not Fox news trying to brainwash a generation of people to be biblical.  These are OPM numbers, over a 7 year period.

  • 25,064 homicides
  • 69,929 sexual offenses

So, while an overwhelming majority are “good” people, why the F are you standing in the way of us deporting these folks?  Oh…and many of them keep coming back in the country.

4. The wall.  While many of you have been brainwashed to think the wall is “not needed”, you also are wrong on this account.  Go on a drive around your neighborhood.  Go drive in nicer neighborhoods.  Go drive in front of the White House.  Guess what.  Everyone has fences or walls, to keep you out.  Now, if you were determined, you can climb the fence.  But what if there were signs up about electrified fences…guard dogs…trespassing….secret service?  These are deterrents to get you to not climb the wall.  The border you place on YOUR property designates your desire to keep other people out.

But the wall could cost $20 billion!!  Guess what folks, all of your bleeding heart liberal friends voted for this in 2006 under Bush, and 600 miles have already been erected.  People aren’t coming over there anymore.  They go where there’s no wall.  Now, to appease a certain population voting bloc, the democrats are crying that the very same wall they voted for in 2006 is racist.  No…it’s security.

OHM is a businessman.  In business, you do Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.  If the numbers are favorable, you take an action.  When the numbers are not favorable, you don’t do it.  Many of us have been pissed at the government for years for doing dumb shit with our money.  But guess what?

Illegal immigration costs us $113 billion per year.

So, in a 20 year period, it’s likely that illegal immigration could cost this country $2 trillion.  This is money we could put into our schools and roads.  Instead, we have high taxes.  If only we could invest $20 billion….to then avoid spending $2 trillion.  It’s the equivalent of spending 1 penny to get a dollar back.  This is a no brainer in the business world.

But in politics, when there’s no counter argument to this, they go emotional on you.


The way forward?

  1. Anyone that is here illegally must register within 6 months.  If not, and found, you will be deported.  You will be given a 10 year “blue card”, upon approval.
  2. If you register and found to have been a felon, you will be deported.
  3. If you register and violate the law within that 10 year period, you will be deported, permanently.
  4. Blue card holders must file taxes every year like the rest of us.  Failure to do so will result in deportation.
  5. At the end of 10 years, you can apply for another 10 years.  At the end of 20 years, you can then apply for citizenship.
  6. Blue card is needed for any job, period.  Any violators of this will be sentenced to prison.
  7. Dreamers also provided blue cards.  They did not willfully violate the law.  They will be eligible for citizenship at the end of their first 10 year period.
  8. All new illegal aliens will be imprisoned and then deported.  Future violations will result in longer prison sentences.
  9. The wall will be built to enforce our borders.
  10. Illegal criminal aliens currently in prison will be deported upon end of sentence.