Since the election, I’ve talked less and less about this.

I am a moderate, a recently registered republican.  I love having political discourse with people.  I want to know how they think, and I want others to appreciate the thoughtfulness I put behind my positions.

But politics have been explosive lately.  Every single issue comes down to people taking each other out by the knees, fighting for power.  It’s pretty ugly.

I spent most of my adult life as a moderate democrat.  My right-leaning friends called me a socialist or a communist, and my left-leaning friends would get on me because I’m not behind their eco-conspiracies or $15 minimum wage concepts.

I had always been interested in government efficiencies.  Smaller government.  Defining what services the government is actually supposed to do.  I support small businesses.  I care about the destitute in this country.  I support LGBT rights.  I am an atheist, but I also am interested in peoples’ religious freedoms – including my own.

This time around, I supported our orange-haired friend.  I did not support his methods, but to me, the message was smaller government and socially “I don’t give a fuck”.  I felt like from a 50,000 ft view, I could support the agenda.  Also, he didn’t need anyone’s money to run, and one of the huge issues I’ve had with politics over my entire life was PACs ruining our politics.

While you may disagree with me, I only ask for the respect of hearing me out and you being able to respond in kind with respect.  I supported your causes for a lot of years, and now I needed to throw some support elsewhere.  I may be back someday, but not if you call me names and try to make me the enemy.

What I’m finding with my experiences has been alarming.  I’m one of the 70,000 or so people in Pennsylvania who was a democrat that switched to republican.  It made national news, and I can pretty much tell you a lot of the items that made a difference to me this time around:

  1. Religion.  This candidate didn’t seem to have religion as a central point of his life.  Most republican candidates spew words from the bible, as if I’m supposed to be commanded around by a 2,000 year old book.  Many of these candidates drone on about what God says.  This guy didn’t.  He may have religion in his life, but he’s not a hardliner.
  2. He’s a New York republican.  Many democrats don’t realize this, but New York republicans are generally extremely LGBT friendly.  First, New York is an extremely liberal state, and even the most blue collar of people have had gays/lesbians in their lives to some extent for 40 years.  They are so desensitized to it, that it’s a non-issue to them.  OHM (Orange haired man) had been letting gays into his exclusive club as early as the early 90s, attended Elton John’s wedding in 2002, and spent a good portion of his adult life in the entertainment industry which has a large LGBT community.  Maybe he doesn’t believe in gay marriage.  It’s his right as an American to feel that way.  But have you heard him talking about changing it?  The left put so much fear into their constituents about him going after gay marriage.
  3. He is not perfect.  I’m so sick of the poster child politician, the perfect wife, 2.5 kids, service to the lord, and the check boxes on and on.  This man was married 3 times, had 5 kids from 3 women, dated super models.  The dirt on him was endless.  The less perfect he was, the more I wanted to support him.
  4. He spoke like you and I at a bar.  At rallies, he’d drop f bombs.  He showed us how angry he was, and we loved him for it.
  5. He didn’t need this.  While he estimated his wealth at $10 billion, it’s probably closer to $4 billion.  The problem comes in how much he wants to value his brand name at.  For example, you want to sell your pizza shop.  You bring in someone to look at your books, and maybe they come up with $400k based on 5 years worth of profits.  That’s one way.  However, when you look at the “Trump” name, with 500 or so companies, you are now looking at a brand.  Trump steaks might be worthless if the name disappeared.  So – any business can “feel” their brand name improves the value of the business.  Now, perhaps that pizza shop was an upscale Pizza shop called “Trump” pizza, and they have luxurious seats, gold dusting truffle pizza….the profits might be the same, but the brand name might put its value higher based on other factors.  Anyway – at 70 years old, with several billion, he could have retired to an island of his choosing and continued to live a life of dating supermodels his whole life.  He chose to work 18 hours a day.  To get richer?  Someone like me sees his energy and feel like this is something he feels a calling for.  While many on the left can say he’s doing it to line his pockets…well…his were already lined.  On the flip side, one can say Hillary and Bill’s entire fortune was made off of politics, and this is a cash cow for them.  While they may have had a calling as well, there was a feeling that they NEEDED this.  He didn’t.
  6. Factories.  For years, my writings have been telling people to understand the factory days are over.  However, my tune changed when I saw how factories today are using tons of automation – and we can lead in this once again.  Our automation factories would require workers to run and repair the robots, and would be a lot less labor than overseas.  However, due to trade agreements and high corporate taxes, there have been a lot of American companies balking at production in the USA anymore.  My mother, a staunch liberal, has also supported lower corporate tax rates for years.  So – it made sense to get behind a candidate who talked about bringing good middle class jobs back, reducing corporate taxes to keep them from leaving, and reducing regulations to get the new plants built.  One story I saw about that was saying some plants take 10-15 years to get built!!!  While most dems now see less regulation as doom and gloom, the idea is to get more production back here, and sooner.  One can also argue that Dems ran the drinking water problem in Michigan – so the point is, problems can happen no matter who is at the helm, but we wanted more production.  I live in York, PA – a HUGE manufacturing area.  Cities like mine, all across the country, are decimated by the constant “good jobs” being sent overseas.  You cannot underestimate how OHM connected with the factory workers.  The message from Hillary was, “we will tax them as they leave”.  Bernie said, “they don’t pay their fair share”.  And the dem response to jobs leaving the middle class was not to fight for these middle class jobs, but to raise the wages using the government to $15 per hour – almost ensuring all of these jobs become automated?
  7. “Make America Great again”.  To the democrats, it’s fire and brimstone.  “Return to slavery!!”  “Return to women not being able to vote!!”.  I heard about the worst things you can image from the left.  In my eyes, it was a return to smaller government, lower taxes, America as the world leader, and a return to having a  border.   But the beauty of that slogan was that it meant something different to each person.  This was a marketing dream.  And the messaging on the left was “I’m with her”.  He countered with “I’m with you”.  She was outclassed with marketing.
  8. The name calling.  When I voted on the left, I saw the right as this religious party that was against gays and abortion – the kind of people who told on your homeowner’s association because your wreath was too big.  The type of people who were uptight and never drank.  As I started to fall in line this time around with positions I had championed most of my life, I started to become an enemy of the left.  I didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly – I started hearing names…”misogynist, racist, xenophobic”.  Rather than debate me on the merits of illegal immigration, the conversation STARTED with racist and xenophobic and the conversation went no further before I was shouted down.
  9. The PC.  I had heard my right-leaning friends talk about how the “liberal media” ran things.  I thought these people were tin foil hat people.  Well….I would see a speech, live, then I would put on CNN.  I would see misleading things, then pundits jump at every word to again start with the labeling and name calling.  I’m like, “that’s not what happened”.  I turn on the other stations, and the same shit.  I could not believe it.  I’m like, “is this what shit my friends have been dealing with for years?”.  If you listen to, and trust, most mainstream media outlets, you cannot help but be molded like a clay sculpture into a left-leaning automaton.  It was really, really, really scary how the media felt it was their jobs to influence us to vote for a presidential candidate.  Never in my life have I been more scared of 1984 from happening.  Then there’s the taps on OHM and his candidacy.  Scary shit.
  10. Incompetency.  I don’t want to get into it here, but I just felt a level of government ineptitude and incompetence was coming our way.  Cyber is the 5th domain of warfare, and our former Secretary of state had sent 100+ classified messages across a private email server which was located in a contractor’s bathroom.  The left, generally speaking, either wishes to gloss over this or not count this in her competency.  While Sec of State, the buck stops with her.  And let’s not forget how WikiLeaks got it’s name – the cable leaks from the department of state.  Every country on the planet is trying to tap our communications….and you feel the best solution is to setup a private email server.  Oh, and your campaign manager  gets hacked (by the way, his password was….password, not KGB level shit here folks).  The DNC gets hacked, then shows that the DNC was rigged to go against Bernie.  “It was the Russians!”  Ok.  You do understand we hack all countries, all the time….and they all do it to us, right?  If you do not understand this concept, then you should not be voting.  The objective is to be competent with your Information – to prevent this type of shit.  What the left sees as the Russians “hacking the election” is a carefully crafted marketing message meant to deflect from their incompetence at securing their data.  If you don’t get that, then I don’t know what to tell you other than the left is no longer the “smart” party.


So – there’s a lot of other things, but I can tell you that while I do not support the likes of Milo and Anne Coulter – I support their rights to free speech.  And to see how places like Berkley are having riots….because someone wishes to speak…tells me they are afraid their argument is not as strong, and this is the only means at silencing the opposition.

When your message is stronger, you will no longer need to riot.

Lastly….rule of law.

We have laws on our books.  President Obama started with basically telling the DEA to stand down and not enforce pot laws.  It’s a schedule 1 drug.  Suddenly, states vote for legalizing pot and pot stores pop up everywhere!  Now, you can legally buy pot in those states.  Obama also asked the Border and Patrol agency to stand down with enforcing the borders.

Here’s the problem.  The left was liking breaking the law when it suited their agenda.  Guess what….

  1. Federal law trumps state law.  So, technically, if Trump wanted to, he  could have the DEA tomorrow raid all of those pot stores and shut it down by simply enforcing the laws on the books.
  2. Federal law trumps state law.  Trump is enacting the laws on the books to enforce our borders.  We are in the midst of a war on terror, and we don’t have the most basic controls in place to filter for bad people.

The problem is….as much as I liked Obama at times, the president of the United States just can’t pick and choose the laws his agencies should follow.  I support pot legalization.  So does most of the country.  So do most of the states. Why don’t we do something crazy like….take it off the list of schedule 1 drugs?  Why don’t we make federal laws regarding this, OR take ALL laws off the books and allow each state to regulate it like?

Likewise with illegal immigration.  We have 11 million illegal immigrants.  Many are “dreamers”.  Many might have been college grads who overstayed their visas.  However, there’s a downside to this:

  1. Illegal immigration costs this country $113 billion per year.
  2. In a period of 7 years, illegal immigrants killed 25,000 people and committed 66,000 sexual assaults.  This is not “fake news”, this is the OPM studies on it.

So – the Republican platform is, and has been, to enforce the laws on the books.  If you don’t like the laws, change them.  But you cannot ignore laws because it suits your personal agenda.  It makes a lot of sense to have many of these illegals registered, paying taxes, and provided a form of national ID.  It makes sense for many of these to contribute to our blue and white collar workforces and pay taxes.  But it does not make sense to allow them all paths to citizenship – because, I’m sorry to say, 11 million people heavily favors the democrats.  Your heavily democratic cities have been hiding, sheltering, and providing handouts for decades….and suddenly they can now all vote?  I’m sorry, but that is not called immigration, it’s called invasion.  There’s a reason we try to control the amount of people that come in.  What happened if suddenly there were 230 million people that came here from the Middle East and they could vote?  Do you want to live under Muslim religious laws?  While I’m giving an extreme case, the point is – this has been a country for 200+ years where people brought their culture, but they assimilated to American culture in the process.

What you have to understand is that in big cities, you have a lot of segregated neighborhoods based on different cultures.  For the most part, there’s harmony.  However, I lived in smaller cities and suburban US.  And the fear is…(yes, there is fear)…that their culture, as they know it, will be overrun by someone dumping 1,000-3,000 refugees in their small town.  And….this might not be that far out there.  So we now have liberals in big cities in their social circles singing kumbaya and simply forgetting that the policies they are advocating have real effects on those small cities and towns.  And, perhaps they are not as sophisticated as you.  But you are advocating a position that is quite similar to them being invaded by a foreign, hostile force – and your response is to call these people xenophobic and racist.

Now, I want you to see how your messaging has affected the country:



The question now is, do you want to defeat the red by picking and choosing laws to follow…..or trying to allow 11 million people invade us and vote for you….or by sitting down to the table and stop the labeling and name calling to find common ground?

But Hillary won the popular vote!!  Yup.  And OHM was never going to win heavily democratic populated districts in big cities.  And…well…the Constitution doesn’t care about popular vote for this reason:  Imagine 156 million people lived in Los Angeles, and the rest of the country had 150 million.  Extreme, I know, but you’re then saying that if we just went on popular vote alone, that Los Angeles would always pick the next president, despite what the rest of the country felt was not in their best interest.  It’s why our founders were genius.  And, a few states and cities went heavily for Clinton, just like the LA scenario – but the rest of the country went to the right.  The Russians did not hack these voting booths.

Your message was just not as strong to middle America this time around.  And for it, we get riots and name calling.

I was one of you.  And you pushed me out because I stood for the same principles I have for 25 years.  You changed on me.  And then you started calling me names for it.