I have always thought that our media was the 4th branch of government.  While in the United States, we have the executive, legislative, and judicial branches – we also have a media with a 1st amendment right to freedom of speech.  While in many authoritarian countries, we point out their “joke news” under threat of prosecution, in this country, we have a media who can write about most things – as long as you back things up, source, and don’t give out government secrets.

Well, I have heard my “right leaning” friends for 15 years keep talking about “liberal media bias”.  I thought it was horse shit, and they were fed an IV directly from Fox News.

I want you to watch this clip of Piers Morgan (of all people) talk to Sean Hannity about the hysteria in this country.  These 4 minutes might just be three minutes that save our country.  Piers Morgan is pretty much a die hard liberal and had his own show on CNN for years.  You need to watch that clip if you wake up every day in a panic.

So for me, I flipped over to a Republican last year.  I was attracted to Trump’s PAC-free and commonsense items he presented.  Obviously, he’s beyond flawed, but it was my right to like who I liked.  And you had every right to like Clinton.

Then the switch flipped on Trump.  And they all went after him 24/7.  Piers uses the term “naked partisan” from the media.

The tipping point for me, was CNN printing the Russian hooker story, and not backing down from it.

And, there’s constant speculation that Russia hacked the election (untrue – they didn’t change votes on the machines)…or Russia was backing Trump by hacking the DNC servers.  WikiLeaks insists no information came from Russia, and recently 3 brothers were fired for gathering information from congressional computers.  The woman reporting this is legit on Fox.  Look up Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan.  What I’m suggesting is that there were other possible sources that gave information to WikiLeaks other than Russia.  And – Russia also tried to hack the RNC systems, but failed to do so.

Let me ask you something.  2 weeks prior to the election, Donald Trump is on tape saying he grabs women by the p&$$&.  Now, you’re going to compare that to Podesta getting caught in a phishing scam while using the password of “password”?   Two things of interest about the DNC hacks…

  1. The information leaked showed Hillary’s team was cheating, and in cahoots with CNN to get Hillary the questions.  Hillary’s team didn’t dispute this, and after the CNN person was fired for this, she was later…HIRED TO RUN THE DNC.
  2. A few days after the DNC hacks were announced, a DNC staffer (Seth Rich) with access to all of the information was murdered.  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks intimated he may have been the source

This might suggest that a whistleblower working from within the DNC didn’t feel right about the election rigging and turned over information to WikiLeaks, then was murdered for it.  However, the mainstream immediately focused on Russia.  And it has stayed there ever since.

So, 95% of you who are dems are now thinking that somehow, someway, Trump is not the president because Putin did something.

Let me tell you something interesting, you might not know.  Every country hacks every country.  All the time.  All intelligence services spy on everyone else.  So hearing the Russians hacked the DNC did not surprise me (and they tried to hack the RNC, but computer defenses foiled the attacks – at least according to the Wall Street Journal

Here’s also something of interest.  All of these countries gather intelligence, but is extremely unlikely they would tip their hands and tell others they have it by giving it to WikiLeaks.  This isn’t really how this all works.  And I’m trying to tell people this…and people don’t get it.  Entertain yourself for a moment – the campaign manager used the password of “password” on his email.  So you’re telling me Russia was the only country or entity that got that information?

With news…they are really going after Trump.  On everything.  The CNN Russian hooker story was just absolutely over the top.  Anything they can do to cut his nuts off, they are doing.  And all of you are linking these stories.

Because you don’t care.

All you care about is your visceral hatred of that man will supersede anything.  Any narrative someone wants to feed you, you greedily gobble up because it furthers whatever agenda you want it to.

As Piers Morgan said, you’ve “all lost your collective minds”….

Paul Manafort…RUSSIAN SPY!!  Wait…he didn’t work for Russia politics, he worked for Ukraine as a consultant.

But Trump’s properties and loans there!  He has no properties or bank loans in Russia.

Putin was KGB.  What do you think Putin’s best move is?

Nothing….let us tear each other apart….over Trump’s Russian ties and Russian hookers…and as Piers Morgan stated…”there is absolutely no connection between President Trump and Russia”.

I’m going to tell you something that’s hard to hear….

  • When Bush beat Gore and Kerry, I was disappointed.  I voiced my concern over policies, and I made fun of Bush.  He deserved the late night jokes.  Today, many of you on the left are ready for talks of a coup…people like George Takei using the words “growing resistance” on his facebook.  You are all wanting to get this man out of office.  Because of mostly the dog shit the media has been feeding you.  CNN used to be legitimate.  Russian Hookers?  As reported by…..Buzzfeed?
  • Sometimes your candidate wins, sometimes he loses.  You have every right to hate the P&$$* grabbing Trump.  OK.  He’s been mean to you.  But this is our fucking country and he campaigned smarter, more effectively, played the game how it was supposed to be won in the electoral college, and spent half of what Hillary’s team did.  Again, you might not like him – but he won because he flipped the blue wall on its head because…..his message resonated there and Hillary was nowhere to be found for weeks on end.  Your candidate was flawed, so much that a guy that said he grabs women by the genitalia as a move dropped 2 weeks before the election…and he still won.
  • Trump is your president.  Unless you think Pence is going to have a more liberal justice appointed.  I know it’s hard to hear, but this is somewhat how the other side felt when they lost in 2008-2012.  It’s cool to oppose positions – that’s American.  What is not is ramping up the sedition rhetoric.  Chill….

Both the left and the right have been the victim of fake news stories…or perhaps stories that aren’t sourced accurately.  But a few years ago, serious money started getting into the news – and at the same time, newspapers started to fold left and right.

Back in the day – when you ran stories, you sourced them properly and asked for comments.  “No comment” was also acceptable.  Today – you have essentially entire media outlets gunning for a president firing every barrel at them you can get 24×7.  But worst of all, often times they are not sourcing properly and not asking for comments.  They run hit piece after hit piece, one salacious byline after another.

And you think all of your news is real and the right’s fake news is Breitbart.  Well…I want you to ask yourself, seriously, what business the Clinton News Network had running this story?

And now is the question – has the power of the media as the 4th branch of government being used to overthrow it?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I agree with President Bush?  Did I hate President Bush? Did President Bush seem like a decent guy away from politics?  Could President Bush’s likeability be far more than Trump’s?  If Trump was not a meanie, but a nice person, would your view of him change?
  2. Have you ever known an asshole that was extremely effective at his job?
  3. Does it say anywhere in the job description that you can’t be an asshole?
  4. Has Washington been a dumpster fire for 30 years?
  5. Is it possible, even remotely, that a person that took no PAC money and has nominated people who dislike those departments might be trying to reduce government and get rid of waste?   For example, did you know there was no such thing as the department of education until Carter created it in 1980 – and while all of the teachers out there cry foul at common core – you want to piss off the one person who can pretty much wipe out the evil empire of the dept of education that has made many of you leave your professions?
  6. Did Trump really do this to get really, really, really, really, really, really rich when he was already really, really, really, really, really, rich?
  7. If you were 70 years old and worth somewhere between $4-$10 billion, married to a supermodel wife, and had every luxury in the world at your fingertips, including your own jumbo jet, helicopter, yacht, and multiple buildings…would you toss all of that aside to then work 18 hour days, get shot at, and hated by half the country?  If your answer is yes, then please look up Bloomberg who was the $38 billion dollar guy who became mayor of NYC.   I know I’d be on some beach somewhere folks.  Sometimes, people have a calling.  You might not like his policies, but to question his motives might be a little silly.
  8. If you won the presidency…would you then somehow be able to liquidate 800 companies and divest yourself of hundreds of buildings in 8 weeks prior to the presidency?  Also…did Jefferson and all of them give up all of their worldly possessions when serving in office?  Did Jefferson or anyone of his ilk ever pass a law that might have enriched their farms?
  9. When was the last time you saw a republican president embrace gay rights?
  10. When was the last time you saw a republican president embrace LGBTQ rights?
  11. Do you think Pence will be more socially liberal?


So you disagree with some of his policies that many people in this country (about 60 million) feel are commonsense.  I get it.  In 4 years, round up your folks and go out and vote again.  But if you don’t back off the rhetoric, the liberal democrats are going to be the ones to tear down democracy…not Trump.  He is not Hitler.  He is not Pol Pot.  He is fighting to enforce laws on the books.  Fight to change the laws.  Make a better argument.  Bring a persuasive argument to the table.

But respect our democratic republic, and understand the media might not be playing by the same rules they used to be.