I’ve told anyone that wants to listen, I could sit and watch her on TV for an hour reading a phone book.

It’s no surprise that Ivanka has moved her husband and children to Washington – her husband is playing a role as an advisor, and Ivanka is someone that seems to have a passion for politics.

But she has no experience

Yeah, and neither did her dad.  I would therefore posit that her experiences around the campaigning and future advice from her father could potentially make her more qualified.

But she’s just the daughter of a billionaire!

Partly true.  But she’s also:

  1. A former model.  At 5’10” tall, and wearing heels, she could come in at 6’2″ and see eye to eye with most men or tower over some.  Not only is she gorgeous for the camera, but her physique can command a room.  Often, women feel it is their gender which hurts them at times in the workplace, and I would posit that taller people tend to be more successful.  Men are usually much taller than women.  While this is not always the case, I could make a strong argument for it.
  2. Highly educated.  She also went to the Wharton school of business.  While it’s also true she got a cushy job at dad’s company, it’s also true that people who graduate from these elite schools get jobs like this at a friend of their father’s companies, then quickly work their way up within 10-15 years.
  3. Rich.  She’s already worth $150 million or so.  Meaning, she has no need to try to enrich herself through politics.
  4. She’s a democrat.  While she has been mostly coy in the last 18 months, it’s no secret her and Chelsea Clinton grew up as friends.  Rumors are her husband is a democrat as well.  They are opposing voices for her father and try to give him perspective so he doesn’t go too far right.  Meaning, she’s left and partners with the right.  Possibly, a moderate and a pragmatist like her father.
  5. She’s the daughter of an immigrant.  While her mother’s path to coming to this country isn’t quite the same as many others’, she is also sensitive to the children of immigrants and what that means.
  6. Ridiculous pipeline to donor class.  While she may not have billions to fund her own campaign at this point, she might have some access to a few wealthy donors (like her father?) that might be able to launch her without favors.
  7. She’s a businesswoman.  While she may have time working with Trump corp, she also has worked with clothing lines and other businesses.  I would not pretend that her level of business is on par with her father’s vast experience, but I believe that her understanding of business practices coupled with her father’s philosophies in business and government might pave a way.
  8. She has built in voters?  I think many people that voted for The Donald, might give her a look.  What’s also true is that as a democrat, and a woman, she might also get some attention.
  9. Camera friendly.  I think the people that make it into the White House are brilliant in some way, shape, or form.  The one exception of “brilliance” to me has been George W. Bush, the son of a former president who used his family’s name to get into office.  So, it’s quite possible the same happens with Ivanka.  However, Ivanka is not a typical first daughter.  She has hundreds of hours of interviews and screen time going back 15 years or so.  Today, she is a soft, yet stern and effective communicator that can seduce you into seeing her point of view.  I also believe the best presidents make extremely effective communicators.  While I was not a fan of Bill Clinton, one cannot deny his charms won the nation and foes over.  For all of the people who liked Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, JFK – they also despised Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W Bush, and Nixon – because of their communication styles.  Obama was described as “aloof” by those in Washington.  Clinton had the warmth of a particle chilled to absolute zero.  George W was a likeable person, but his communication style had him come across as Mr. Magoo, and Nixon’s confrontational style pushed people away.  Ivanka has men drawn to her looks and voice….has women seeing her as a role model…and she is an extremely effective communicator in interviews.


What next?

What if she goes the route of running for Senate in NY as a democrat?  She’s not going to unseat Schumer (he’s 66 but people in the senate are there for a long time), but Gillibrand is getting some traction as a presidential candidate for 2020, which might leave her seat open.  Maybe she picks another state with a vulnerable senator to settle in, like Virginia or Maryland?

Let’s suggest 2018 is out, then perhaps you’re looking at 2020 or 2022.  This would put her 39-41 years old, and her children would be a bit older by this time.  Perhaps she goes for one term or the like.  If her father re-runs in 2020, that puts 2024 when he’s out.  This could put her on the radar for a run in 2024, 2028, or 2032 at 43, 47, or 51 years of age.

Is it that far fetched??  Children of presidents have run before….and I bet JFK Jr might have been a serious candidate had he not perished when very young.

So….here’s what I’m hoping for with the NEXT president Trump….

(and yes, she is a serious celebrity crush, even though I usually don’t go the blonde route)