I’m writing this because recently, a person I know has wished to create an “echo chamber” on Facebook.  He’s not the only one.  There are others.  Meaning, they wish to post political views, but do not welcome any opposition comments.

It sort of left me scratching my head.  Why share ideas unless you welcome others to engage?  Perhaps it’s just the way I’m built.  When I was young, I could have asserted “the sky is blue” but because I welcome open comments – I learned about refraction and lengths of sun’s rays, etc.  The point is, I feel a duty that if I share an opinion to an audience, that the audience can then engage me.  That’s just me.  And I thought that’s how most others from my country are.

And as new information comes in…I listen, deliberate, and either hold my views or amend them.  But new information is always coming in….

I mean, many of you probably don’t go anywhere near the facebook politics.  I go there from time to time, and at times, I go deep.  It’s fun for me.  I like the idea of “finding the best ideas”.  I like listening to others’ thoughts, especially when they have laser-sharp arguments that are really well thought out.  Sometimes, I might not agree with their position, but may find a new-found intellectual friend I’d like to converse with further – probe their thinking as they investigate mine.  Find common ground.  I recently became a republican, after decades of being a democrat.  To be fair, I’ve mostly been in the middle the whole time and self identify as a social liberal/moderate and fiscal conservative.  However, the landscape has shifted lately – not so much my positions.  Below is one example of a shift in opinion that I could have only gone through with opening up discussion to others.

Years ago, I was more allied with the gun control folks.  Then you see things like this below, and wonder why so much effort tries to go into assault rifle bans and what is under the hood.  Without opening my mind to others, I would have kept a narrow focus.


But it made me start thinking….


Are we censoring each other’s thoughts now?  Are we such fragile snowflakes that we need safe spaces when someone destroys our argument and walks away after mic drop?  Can you handle a sound argument which might counter your lifelong held beliefs? Are other peoples’ legitimate arguments dangerous to our core beliefs, and any platform for these people to espouse these beliefs must be shut down and shouted down at all costs.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, a family dinner, a political speech at a college…or TV?

How can we obfuscate an opponents’ completely legitimate arguments?

I have then started to think about all of the liberal boycotts..demonstrations…riots at Berkeley and NYU….and it made me think…

Is there an irony in “diversity” when diversity is now meant to think one way and one way only?

While the first amendment protects us from the government from prosecuting us, is our speech now infringed by the threat of mass exposure, shame, and destruction of our identity through a group of people who champion “diversity”?

People who support the President of the United States in this country are now suffering through their business?  Could employers not hire you if they think you have a different opinion than them?  If your employer did not like Trump, could they ask you this in an inteview and remove you from consideration?  It just starts to get a line there in your head….what if an employer found a writing I made supporting Trump?  Or supporting Hillary?  What are we permitted to think these days?  Are we allowed free thought??? What are we allowed to express – not from threat of persecution of government….but from our own citizens??


I keep coming back to this in my head.  Diversity is good.  Right?  To me, it seems that diversity is good….only if you think exactly like them.  Who is exactly is steering this ship then?

Many years ago, people worried about writing freely in nwspapers.  They worried about the CIA or some shadowy government agency arresting them or censoring them.  There are some exceptions to these rules when national security is at stake, but I digress.  Time after time, freedom of the press has been successful in this country despite at times people in our government despising what is written.

Our new dangers are not from our government.  It’s from our people.  Many people have “facebook fatigue” where they just don’t want to read about politics anymore.  I get it.  Others have taken up rather militant positions to oppose Trump – using the same tactics they projected Trump supporters would use against them if Clinton won.

Liberalism..it’s been a stalwart of freedom of speech.  But does the line get crossed at freedom of thought?  Are liberals not interested in protecting this?  Is it ok to be an American, only as long as you think exactly as me?  Am I not allowed to voice opinions on bathroom laws, or will I be shouted down and ostracized by an element of egalitarian society because of my “crude” opinions which fit into (enter disparaging label here)?

I was a liberal.  I supported freedom of speech.  I’m an atheist, but I support freedom of religion.

But I’m scared.  I chose to dissent.  And for this, my logical ideas and my intellectual thoughts are quashed.  They are silenced.  They are shouted down.  Some of these ideas and thoughts are now being rioted against in order to silence them and not permit them to get into others’ heads.  They are trying to quell dissention of thought.

Let that sink in.  Really, let it baste for a moment.  A group in this country is actively trying to control thought and tell you how you are supposed to think.  And what do they do if you have a differing opinion?

You know, 20 years ago, these tactics were acceptable to use against KKK rallies.  Yes, I supported shouting them down.  Yes, I supported vitriol against such hate.  Kick their asses!!  There is no place in this country for such shit.

However, the bar has moved from that most despicable nature and the bar slid further towards center.  Now, when you dissent against the liberal majority, you are called a racist, bigot, xenophobe, misogynist for trying to pose completely logical arguments.  That has been their only real argument lately, and it’s really kinda scaring me for our society.

I want you to do me a favor.  Play a game with this.  Turn on CNN during one of the show where they have a few people talking.  Start your stop watch.  Count the seconds until you hear any of these words:

  1. Racist
  2. Bigoted
  3. Xenophobic
  4. Anti-immigrant
  5. Anti-women
  6. Misogynist
  7. Homophobic
  8. Transphobic
  9. slurs

Three times I’ve played this game in the last 2 weeks when a TV I turned on was on CNN.  My results were 15 seconds, 22 seconds, and 13 seconds.  To me, the art of persuasion is just dead.  When all else fails with your argument, call names and get violent.

Believe it or not, the folks in this “anti-PC” movement ARE the liberals of today.  You might not want to hear this, but think about it.  They are fighting for freedom of THOUGHT.  They are fighting for their right to watch Dukes of Hazzard.  They are fighting for their right to say “merry christmas”.  They are fighting for their right to say “illegal alien” rather than “undocumented worker”.  They are fighting for their right to say “muslim extremist” rather than “enemy combatant”.  They are fighting for the right to not have their 6 year old daughter in a bathroom with a man in a dress pretending to be transgender.  They are fighting for their right to THINK that that is wrong.  And they are fighting for a lot of rights to THINK HOW THEY WANT.

And you know what?  They stopped engaging you.  You stopped listening to them trying to tell you their side of things.  You shouted them down one too many times from your soap box with your bull horn.  They stopped listening to how TPP was going to be good for this country.

And they voted.  And they won’t talk to you anymore about it.  They will just go and vote again.  And you will stand on your soapboxes in your own version of a utopia in a snow globe espousing how I’m supposed to think….and be triggered by my logic.

And I will go vote.

What is happening today is liberals of the past are simply taking marching orders from the news.  Again, I was liberal for 20 some years.  I watched CNN for a decade.  The news was….just the news.  The news as you and I knew it is gone.  It has been replaced by people going after ratings…slanted reporting…pandering to sponsors.  Sponsors can be boycotted by semi-militant groups of liberals.  LL Bean, Under Armour, Ivanka Trump’s brands, that’s just the last few weeks.  The news now has a leftist spin.  They say happy holidays.  They paint the police as these brutal thugs when 99.999 percent of them are good people doing an impossible job with changing rules in a litigious society.  They make it seems like more gun laws against law abiding people will make you safer by broadcasting these mass shootings.  They want to not offend any of the religions which might watch their programming, so they don’t use terms to offend them.  They want to “win” all three branches of government – essentially by silencing opposition as their main weapon, and adding 11 million citizens who will vote for them in the darkness of night.

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t support some socially liberal positions.  But the means in which they are trying to pander, control, and force feed you into thinking is driving me bat shit.

When you watch the movie 1984…this is the culmination of a leftist society that not only tells you how to think, but monitors your thoughts as well.  It is a big brother situation where the people have no ability to oppose.  In this country, the government is supposed to fear their citizens, not the other way around.

Now, I’m afraid, citizens are making other citizens live in fear.  We are all now connected with social media.  Our thoughts are out there for others to mark us as compliant or not compliant.  Our lives are vulnerable to a thought police that the government does not run.

Unless you are as diverse as them….and think and talk exactly as they do.  Whatever that message is this month….

We have a president Trump because of the contents of this articleAnd the left needs to lean in and listen.  But they can’t, because they are clinging to some sort of moral high ground – and as long as they do this, they will continue to lose elections.  We were not particularly enamored by his p***y grabbing moves.  We thought he sometimes had cringe-worthy moments.  Well…more than a few.  But Hillary was a poster child for Orwellian philosphies.  Hillary represented a further dive into this reality.  From her completely bleached and sanitized PC speeches run by hordes of hordes of word parsing thought groups prior to utterance…to her pandering and alliances to any downtrodden group….to her reversals on positions meant to cater to the latest liberal polling – she was the antithesis to Donald Trump screaming “motherfucker” at a rally.  And the audience loved him for it.  And you still don’t get it.

Hillary wasn’t evil.  She stood for a bleached and sanitized society of hand holding diversity monitored by the liberal thought police – and you had to step in line.  You had to THINK like them or you were also branded (pick your label).

Because we all have “motherfucker” moments, Trump won a contested race.  Yes, even you spiritual people have hit your thumb with a hammer and the lord covered his ears.  And he represented the break from the norm.  The bombastic entrances.  The calling political enemies names.  The way he could own a room by calling out the shit of….liberals…of Hillary.

We have a president Trump because of a fear of thought police.

You speak of tolerance.  And the irony sends chills down my spine.

So I brought up 1984.   This movie/book becomes relevant today because more often than not, censorship of thought is becoming “mainstream” media.  Mainstream media tells us to think that all illegal immigrants are good for this country and deportation is breaking up families.  That we can’t function without them.  If you think anything opposed to this thought, or ask tough questions, you are branded xenophobic and anti-immigrant.  The truth is, our own government showed stats of 25,000 illegals arrested for murder in a 7 year period and 69,000 for sexual assault in a GAO report I link almost weekly. The raids that just happened, I heard, are 75% of the violent nature.  But we must boooo Trump.  Because they tell us so.  Because he was a meanie.  Somehow, people got the notion that people who we haven’t screened and are potentially violent are just fine to live in this country.  We have ISIS who TOLD US they would try and infiltrate the refugees and get into this country that way.  And we are told it is inhumane to take in these refugees, when we have homeless vets living on the streets.

And they tell us it’s racist if we want to ask for identification when you vote.  You need a fucking ID to buy cough medicine at the pharmacy, but no one is going to check your name when voting?  I mean…who exactly in this country does not have ID?  If you’re that poor, my guess is you have some sort of social security or welfare, and you probably need ID to sign up for that shit.  You need ID to open a bank account.  You need ID to buy alcohol or a pack of smokes.  Short of being Jack Reacher, I’m not sure anyone can actually get by without ID these days.  You need it to pick up your medication in the pharmacy.  Yet it’s racist to ask for ID when voting?  Tell that to the poor white folk in Appalachia.  Poor does not know a race.  Isn’t it racist to think that poor folks are only one color?  I grew up poor.  Many people did.  We got ID.  And you know what?  They tell us there’s no real voter fraud.  That maybe 6% of non-citizens voted in 2012.  Could be much lower.  The truth is, they have no fucking idea how many illegals voted and to uncover any form of mass fraud could upend a lot of elections – and many of those close elections that liberals won would be overturned.  So – rather than say “we have 100% confidence”, they tell us there’s “zero evidence of fraud” -as people are arrested for voting fraud all the time.  How far does the rabbit hole go?  Truthfully…no one fucking knows, because you don’t require ID.  Duh.  So instead, the claim is…

“there’s no problem because no one reported the problem”.

If you want to dissent, let me pull a name out of the hat first, label you  with that, and as you talk, I will try and shout over you, disparage your name by telling everyone you are that label, beg and plead with you to not say what you think (unless you agree with me), have people boycott you or your interests, send death threats to your family, protest every time I speak, and then, riot and blame your ideas on me burning shit down.  This is today’s liberals.  And why I signed up for the other guys this time around.

I just now saw something that California is proposing a bill to give poor people beach vacations.  What. The. Actual. Fuck.  I mean, there’s always more to the story…but this made my head explode.

I didn’t stop being a liberal.  You guys just changed how a liberal is supposed to think.

Yes, we want an America back where we can actually talk to each other…and we want to be free to THINK what we want again.

Make America…THINK again…

Let me get back to watching my motherfucking Dukes of Hazzard now as I celebrate my freedom in silence. Because I can’t engage you anymore.  I will simply vote for freedom as I remember it.

“Just two good ole boys….never meaning no harm……


Makin’ their wayyyyyy, the only way they know how.
Well, that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.
Just two good ole boys,
Wouldn’t change if they could.
Fightin’ the system like two modern day Robin Hoods”

Wait – I can’t watch it on TV.  Liberals protested CMT because of the picture of the rebel flag on the car is racist.  So, who’s burning books now, my friend?? Have you considered how your army of inclusion is actually quite narrow focused and only inclusive to those you deem not seditious?