I wanted to write this to my dem friends, as this will be a long 4 years for you if the last few months have been any indication of life to come.  Many of you are still trying to compare Trump to a Nazi, and it’s unfortunate.   There’s some really good stuff going on at the moment.

I think the dems will never really let this divide heal, and I kind of get it.  It was a brutal campaign, something unlike what any of us have ever seen.  I’m hoping we get to a point where the late night comedians start with the the really good jokes and chides, but a reduction of the venom in this country at the moment.

First, let’s look at some of the stages of grief here…because there was a lot of emotion for many of you tied to this election.  On both sides, there was a lot of rhetoric of fear.  Some of it was justified, some of it was inflated.

  1. Denial – at first it was incredulous.  How could this person have won?  He must have cheated. It’s not real.  Let’s do recounts.  Let’s do more recounts.  Let’s invalidate the election.  Blame it on the Russians.
  2. Anger – many are still in this stage at this point.  The venom, the “not my president”, the screaming down people who try to talk to them.  Anger is the driving emotion currently with a lot of what’s going on.  All of these protests over the ban from the 7 countries at the moment is pure venom – and I believe the hypocrisy of some of this is soon hitting them with revelations Obama did this to Iraq in 2011 and Schumer as not crying and you were not protesting that.  I think there might be some soul searching with this soon.
  3. Bargaining -at this point, you are starting to see the “slow walk” of confirming appointees.  They are slowly realizing they cannot stop things, and thanks to Reid changing the rules, much of the old Senate rules are not there that needed 60 votes.  Some talk and prayers of “bipartisan” are your only real hope to cling on to…
  4. Withdrawl/depression – this is where some are at.  They feel defeated, so they must pull back from politics.
  5. Acceptance – while you hate everything about Trump, you now accept that he is the president.

Let me tell you this – I loved Obama as a person, I thought he was somewhat ineffective as a leader.  Before you start slinging racism, I’d like to point out a highly risky move Obama did when he played chicken with the GOP with the government shutdown.  It embarrassed the speaker and congressmen from the right.  From that moment forward, they decided to not do anything that Obama wanted.  What happened is that Obama won the battle, but lost the war.  He clowned them.  And this was the senator part of Obama that didn’t turn into the president part of Obama.  I think he did some good things, but he was also outclassed by foreign leaders.

Bush I thought was  a terrific human being, but a terrible leader and a complete puppet of stronger people.  I busted on most things he did, as they were so clearly pandering to PAC people and friends.

Clinton I never trusted…I didn’t like him, but you cannot deny he was charming to people and was a very effective president working with a GOP congress.

What this leads me to is those of you that are close to acceptance, I want to give you a bit of a guide you can use:

  1. Exaggerator in chief.  He’s like the dude that talks about fishing stories and his 12 small mouth bass turned into a 24 inch large mouth bass.  The story is so entertaining, you let it slide.  You know he’s a bullshitter, but you let it slide because the dude would give you the shirt off his back.  Trump is kind of like that guy.  Instead of the press simply reporting things, they question every thing he says.  It’s their job.  He needs to stop exaggerating, but much of that is the persona of winning and feeling positive.  The press can also let a few things slide, but they probably won’t.  Just sit there and think of him as the guy who bullshits from time to time, and you will have a much less stressful day.
  2. It’s ok to like SOME things he’s doing.  But it’s also ok to not like some things he’s doing.  To protest, whine, and bitch over every little goddamn thing – you are hurting the American people.  Pick a cause you feel strong about, and write your congressman over it.  I’m not thrilled over Devos either.  It’s ok to protest this and write about it.  But the dude also today just shaved $600 million off of the price of the Lockheed contract for the F35.
  3. It’s ok to hate the person, just know things need to get done.  While I liked Bush, I thought most of his actions were clearly towards rich bastards.  I didn’t trust Clinton, but I trusted he could effectively lead our nation.  I thought Obama was awesome in some respects, butI found his inability to work with people troublesome.  To me, it seems Trump has the energy of a 24 year old hyped up on ritalin, jolt, and speed – he’s tackling issues at a furious pace.  At the end of 4 years, you still may hate the pussy grabber, but you may find him to have been an effective leader to square away the nation’s business interests.  This country needs to govern, and it’s ok to hate the man but like the progress.
  4. He really is bringing back jobs.  I saw a headline that saw something like his billionaire friends got a lot more richer over the last 2 months.  Yup.  So did all of you with your 401ks.  He’s sending stocks to new highs.  He really seems to be trying to fulfill his campaign promises.  While you can hate the pipeline, he ordered this to be constructed with American workers using American steel fabricated here.  Unions are already loving him.  He’s helped bring automotive jobs back by promising lower corporate tax rates and regulations.  He is “walking the talk” with meeting with EVERYONE and listening.  Big business last week, small business this week.  Again, feel free to hate him as a person – but you can cheer American jobs coming back…it’s ok to.  There is a glimmer of hope with the Nazi as president.  He’s fighting for us.
  5. Don’t be too concerned about the supreme court.  Look, while I may have switched to republican last year, I still think the senate should have approved Merrick Garland.  Punk ass move by McConnell.  That being said, many supreme court justices that people see as “conservative” hit the courts and lean middle to left.  Take a look at John Roberts and how he was the swing vote in both Obamacare and gay marriage.  Also, there is a precedent to not overturn “established law” or freedoms.  Doubtful that abortion will be overturned, and most certainly not gay marriage.  Trump, by all measures, appears to be either a social moderate or liberal leaning person.  While you have every right to fear, I think over time your fears will subside.  Pence was needed on the ticket to appeal to the far right, and if he comes to power – then I’d be worried.  Under Trump, not so much.
  6. His leadership style will not cause nuclear war.  Most of the world is not as nice as we are.  They respond to hard lines.  They did see Obama as weak…red line…Iraq…island in china sea…Crimea.  What Trump presents is someone that is unpredictable.  This might give leaders great pause, because Trump is presenting himself as a hardliner.  I believe he didn’t want to be thrown into a cold war with Putin over Obama and Clinton’s failings with a “reboot”.  I believe Putin is dangerous, but he’s fine if kept in check by a “gunslinger” like Bush.  Trump will try and charm him, but have a bazooka in the back pocket while doing the charming – which is a lot different than coming to the table with no strength.  While many of you like to state that this is not a real estate deal, I’d like to point out that I believe the job of the president of the united states is to SELL.  Sell our goods, sell our dream, sell our promises – and say what you will about Trump, I believe in him to get the job done with a sale.  Part of the “sale” is the exaggerations from above – which I don’t particularly care about.  I honestly believe people around the world are scratching their heads.  Then, apparently, they have one on one conversations with him and are blown away.
  7. The election was an embarrassment.  This election will forever mar our election process.  However, I can guarantee you this was all planned from the beginning.  All of it.  Every word, every gesture.  Every tweet.  I played advanced level chess in my teens.  I am seeing a grandmaster of manipulation in front of me where many of you just see an asshole or a bigot or a scumbag.  My evidence…
    1. He could not have beat the field in a “normal” race.  He wanted to self fund as part of his appeal to America and remove PACs.  Unless he wanted to spend $1-2 billion, he needed to come up with a way to win with spending less.  Asymmetric attacks on his opponents seemed like the best way to own media cycles.
    2. He’s wanted to be president forever.  He has skeletons in his closet.  He wanted to own the conversation prior to anything coming out.  He “self funded” so that he didn’t have to rely on special donors backing out and then losing.
    3. He crafted a populist message from the start.  He ws vague on controversial issues, purposefully.  He doesn’t give a shit about a lot of that.  He wanted to bring jobs back to this country, and he did what he had to do to do it.  “The ends justify the means”.
    4. He mentioned how he listened to conservative radio for ideas.  He used a lot of vitriol towards the establishment to mobilize a lot of those people.  I believe he realized that people would vote for imperfect people IF they believed this impefect person would tear down the system that was causing their anger.  Thus, any attacks on this person BY the establishment created fuel for the rage of the people who wanted the establishment torn down.  It came across as hit jobs.  People hate PACS, and much of the dirt smelled like PACs trying to keep the status quo.
  8. I believe the best metric to watch over the next 4 years are two things: First, the amount of people on welfare.  As higher paying jobs come back to this country, over time, you will see people leaving those minimum wage jobs for good factory jobs.  This will serve to not only increase the tax base, but decrease the need to use welfare programs.  Second, the deficit/debt need to be watched closely.  While decreasing taxes is a play from the trickle down economics that have failed – previous implementation did not cut costs.  So, if Trump does all of this but add trillions toour debt in 4 years – he failed.  If Trump does all of this with no additional debt or surplus, watch the fuck out.  Ultimately – these two measures will dictate if he’s a one term or two term president.  Why?  While his shit storm of a campaign was the ugliest thing this country has ever seen – many of us are willing to give him a shot to see how this experiment works out.  If he delivers, I just don’t care about his pussy grabbing.  If he fails, he will be bounced out quicker than you can say ‘Warren Harding’.
  9. The country has become too soft.  We are now in a whiny, bitchy age where people get emotional and need safe spaces if they are offended.  I’m overweight.  I’ve probably been offended multiple times a day my entire fucking life.  I deal with it.  I try to lose weight.  I’m not a protected class.  My “people” are made fun of all the time on TV and/or movies.  You know what?  If I can’t fucking deal with the heat, I need to stick my head in the goddamn oven…but I fear I would be giving you too much plumber’s crack.  This country has become “soft”.  They are offended at every turn, and we mus apologize and cry in order to beg for forgiveness.  We have become a land of demanding free everything, demanding elite jobs with no experience, and shouting down those of us who do not believe in your version of “tolerance”.  The last fucking straw for me was when they took Dukes of Hazzard off of TV because the flag on the car might offend people.  Fuck you.  Let the rednecks have their show.  This is the land of diversity, right?  Toughen up, buttercup.  While the “greatest generation” is dying off, they are leaving behind a younger generations who’s measured with participation trophies and safe spaces.  You know what?  Trump is mean.  So fucking what.  Does he deliver on his promises, unlike other politicians?  It appears so.  Measure him honestly by performance, not how mean you think he is.  He’s a bully?  Good, let him kick Putin’s ass and negotiate better deals for us.  If he doesn’t deliver, I will vote for whatever liberal you throw out there.  So will many others.  So to navigate Trump, assume he’s an asshole fighting for YOU, despite the fact that you hate HIM.
  10. He’s not a Nazi.  I wrote about the parallels between how him and Hitler came into power – a nationalist message along with a boogeyman (muslims).  You know, Hitler invaded countries, annexed them, seized power, and killed many millions of people – including Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals.   Putin is actually a lot closer to Hitler than Trump – and I believe we need a strong person who appears somewhat unhinged to stand up to other bullies.  Again, you may think of him as “asshole in chief” – but he appears to be fighting for ALL of us right now AGAINST them.


I’m hoping over the next month or two, most people exit out of the stages of grief and can use my little handbook to navigate the Trump presidency.

Settle down, relax, pop on Fox, and get the popcorn.  We’re about to kick some serious ass.