I mostly write blogs on here about health these days, as politics have become so vitriolic that otherwise rational people can no longer have “normal” conversations about political discourse.  Everything is wrapped in an agenda, media is promoting a way to think as opposed to reporting on “facts” – and we are in an age of “alternative facts” where people get pissed when you provide them information that runs counter to the information that they have.  Then, to top it off, we have “fake news” which throws gasoline on top of all of this.

However, illegal immigration is something I’ve written about passionately here.  I’ve also written about the nuances of how Trump came to power – I do see the parallels with Hitler, it’s impossible not to.  What’s huge here is a nationalist message.  Notice I didn’t say WHITE NATIONALIST.  The idea here is “America first” – representing ALL races within our borders.  Ultimately, we, collectively, have been sick of giving many countries billions of dollars in aid and then seeing their citizens burning our flags on our news networks – all while our national debt increases and threatens our national security.  If they don’t like our help, that’s fine.  We have 46 million on food stamps, bridges crumbling, and a disappearing middle class.

I want you to SEE this.  This is ultimately how a republican won this election.

First – here is the number of people on food stamps, by year.  Notice that in 2006/2007 the food stamp numbers were about 26 million.  Obviously, we then hit the worst goddamn recession in probably 80 years thanks to the lovable, but incompetent president Bush.

Second – this is the unemployment rate, by year.  While we are sooooooo happy we are back at the 4.9% unemployment rate, I want you to notice that while the RATE is about the same as 2006/2007…that 17 million MORE people are on food stamps than back then.

What this is telling me is that while the unemployment RATE is the same, that many millions have been chopped off of this due to “dropping out of the labor force” or they are working full time jobs that pay a lot less than what they used to make.  Meaning, the 4.9% number is juked…pretend…not real.  Additionally, some of these jobs are from government agencies getting bigger…more programs…more federal employees.  While this can reduce unemployment numbers – it drives up taxpayer overhead.  It’s good as a temporary measure, but not a permanent one.

This problem is being addressed one of two ways:

  1. Democrats – food stamps, assistance, supplementing health insurance, “free college”, artificially raising the minimum wage so French fry people can make the same as an EMT.  Taxes stay high, and “wealth is redistributed”.  Clinton promised in an ad to “fine companies leaving our borders” after they left.  Keep corporate taxes high.
  2. Republicans – get better jobs here that pay more.  Reduce those on food stamps by having them take off their Walmart badge and put on a hard hart.  Stopping the bleeding of corporations sending jobs oversees by trying to balance the playing field with TPP and currency manipulators.  Trying to reduce regulations that are impeding companies from building plants here.  Trying to work with companies to find out what they need to produce more here.  Repatriate monies to invest here.  Lower corporate tax rates substantially to incentivize companies from leaving.  Re-negotiate our trade deals with a shark to do the best deals we can to reduce our trade deficits.  Secure our borders to reduce the costs to our social programs and thus reducing taxes to people to spend more in our economy.  Reducing the amount of illegal workers that are exploited and drive costs of certain professions down.

So – the above is the “most generalized” way I can tell you where the gap is right now.  The left now wants to use heavy rhetoric that if you are against them, you must be some form of racist, homophobic, etc.

The message from the scary orange man was that he wants to focus on America’s problems first and foremost.    The question in regards to Hitler/Trump then becomes – what does Trump do with this power?  Does he gas 6 million Jews or simply pass tax laws that you don’t like?  Meaning – it’s academically important to see how the power of nationalism can bring someone to power –  but you MUST stop with the parallels at that point because you are then drawing conclusions that because someone won on a nationalist message, that they will then create genocidal atrocities of biblical proportions.

I’d suggest there are worse things a president has done than block TPP and work to get more jobs back here with a pipeline built with American steel.  Most of “rural America” is being decimated by their factories and jobs going overseas…and the Republican messages above resonated with a lot of people in this country.  Look at the “blue wall” – Democrat strong holds that Trump campaigned heavily in, and promised to bring jobs back to these states – and union after union endorsed him.  Now, with media messaging – these people who voted for this message above have been reduced to “racists, misogynists, xenophobes, and rednecks”.

Moving on –  illegal immigration is also a problem.  No, I don’t think many of us have any problems with people who work hard and pay their taxes.  However, in those groups that come across are always SOME bad people.  They might be one in 50 or one in 20…or even one in 1,000.  But we should be able to screen those bad people.  It is not racist to want to ensure that people coming to our country are not bad people.  For an example on set math and immigration policy, take a look at this.

The numbers that I present to people that is the “drop the mic moment” is when I present to them the government’s own data: 25,000 illegal immigrants arrested for murder charges in a 7 year period as well as 69,000 sexual assault arrests during that same period.  I point them to page 21 on this document – then I ask the question – “what if one of these 25,000 murders was someone you knew and this was preventable?”  I would imagine the levels of outrage are spectacular.  Then, you see this guy who was deported 5 times and then killed a woman.  Imagine being that woman’s parents – and this person may have been able to have been stopped with a wall?

But a wall won’t work!!  A border wall is racist!!

How about we ask Benjamin Netanyahu, who has done this and it stopped his problems?

The problems:

  1. Illegal immigrants may come across the border by foot where there is no wall.  This prevents us from screening out potentially bad people.  We have 600 miles of a fence/wall completed, and need another 1800 miles to complete it.  As stated above, FACTS from the GAO office state 25,000 illegal immigrants were arrested for murder, another 69,000 arrested for sexual assault over a 7 year period.   This border is also then open to the drug trade and terrorists.
  2. In 2011, it was discovered that two Iraqis came across as Iraqi refugees in 2009 and plotted a terror attack in Kentucky.  One of them had fingerprints in a US database that was taken from an IED meant to kill American troops, but they didn’t screen this database when admitting these refugees.  In 2011, Obama ordered a 6 month halt on processing Iraqi refugees.  Today, ISIS is getting pummeled and the real threat remains that ISIS could disband into “refugee” crowds and get free passes to the west.
  3. There are hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria that have no place to go.  They were welcomed in France and Germany, and now Merkel is backing away from that and France is being overrun by extremists.  Great Britain voted to get out of the EU because they didn’t want to be forced to take refugees.  The United States has taken refugees we may not have properly vetted.


The recommended solutions:

  1. Tighten our borders so we can screen out the potential murderers, criminals, and people who have been deported many times.  This is a “firewall” of sorts, where we have open spots to identify people coming in.
  2. Temporarily ban travel from countries where ISIS might be able to infiltrate and come here.  During this period, we will review our vetting processes, ensure those coming here are who they say, and add additional layers of protection to make it more difficult for those coming to us to do us hard.
  3. Places like Saudi Arabia have refugee camps where those that speak the same language and have similar cultures can temporarily stay until their country stops fighting.  This camp has 3 million person capacity.  Why are refugees not going there or being directed to safe camps within their own borders?

The above solutions seem to be straightforward and common sense solutions.  Somehow, though, these solutions are being twisted to be some sort of racist solutions.  I really have no idea how, but that’s how it’s getting painted.

Let me break something else down.  A hidden agenda here that you may not read every day.

The democrats have been arguing for “path to citizenship” for the 11 million illegal (read, not legal) immigrants in this country.  They are “undocumented” because they have committed a crime and avoided “documentation”.

The democrats have been highly aligned with a lot more Hispanic groups over the years than the GOP.  By a LOT.  Today, the democratic party is synonymous with “welfare state”, “socialism”, “free this”, “free that”, “globalism”, etc.  They are also strong supporters of LGBT rights, etc – which I support, but for the sake of this argument, I’m focusing on the fiscal/immigration stances of the democrats.

Essentially, the party is now designed to cater towards the poorest and most disenfranchised of all of us.  I DO NOT THINK THAT’S A BAD THING.  Someone needs to represent these people and fight for them.  I respect that.

But here’s what happens over time.  The pendulum swings too far right or too far left and the voters vote for adjustment.  After 8 years of Bush, America was getting ready for gay marriage and the pendulum swung left.  With bathroom laws, jobs going overseas, Isis spreading, news stories of illegals killing citizens, and PC battles over censorship, the pendulum has swung to the right with nationalism and security – at least for 4 years.  This does NOT mean folks that gay marriage will be repealed.  It does not mean Roe V Wade will be repealed.  What is means is we are in a period of correction.  And – it does mean that the left has every right to protest and fight for their causes….but they are missing some of the common sense battles for an opportunity to fight a battle which might not be one they can win.

The underlying problem here, folks, is power.

The last several elections have been relatively close.  However, if you look at election results by county, you start to see a big pattern.  Rural America is more conservative and metropolitan America is more liberal.  As more people pour into the cities in this country, it gives these cities stronger power over the electoral votes for that state.

Now, if you get those 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship, they can then vote.  I’d say it would be likely that 95% or more of them would vote for a democrat.

Meaning, the democrats want you to legalize these folks so they can seize power.

Now, if you are a democrat – this is great news!  Let’s add 11 million folks to the ballots and take power for the next 50 years!

If you are a Republican, you might see this as some sort of invasion – where non-citizens have committed crimes by coming here illegally, then are rewarded by being able to vote out those people.

Now, what happens is media outlets that are left leaning start to use words like:

  • racist
  • xenophobic

They want to use their power of influence…their power of rhetoric…their power of viewership to then paint a picture that the republicans are a bunch of white, xenophobic racists.  While it is true that some subset of this exists within this set – you also don’t want someone painting all illegal immigrants as murderers and rapists.  Meaning, yes, some might be racist and xenophobic, but an overwhelming majority are not.  Just like an overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are good, decent people.

They are trying to label these people as evil incarnate.  Their agenda is to shape your beliefs so that you do not want to be labeled as racist or xenophobic.

But the truth is, this:

  • We have a legal immigration system.  We pick and choose how many people we want to let in every year, based on needs.  Meaning, if we have too many construction workers now, we do not want to import construction workers from Honduras.  We may need a lot of doctors and IT programmers.  We want to get them here.  This system is in need of a dire upgrade to improve efficiencies and reduce wait times.   That being said, you are admitted when our government says so, not when you feel you have a right to be here.
  • Non-citizens do not have a RIGHT to come here.  It is our nation.  We have the right to admit them for periods of time with visas, green cards, and asylum.
  • Illegal immigration puts severe strain (and drive up costs) on:
    • prison systems
    • healthcare systems
    • school systems
    • fire/rescue
    • police
    • other social systems such as welfare, Medicaid, etc.
  • Illegal immigration can put American citizens (and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS) out of business.  Consider the following which reduces salaries in the following fields:
    • Restaurant workers
    • construction workers
    • lawn care businesses/landscaping
    • childcare services
    • cleaning services
    • factory workers
    • meat packers
  • With existing refugee programs, we would be admitting thousands of people into this country without the proper ways to ensure that none of these are ISIS soldiers trying to blend in.  In fact, they have intelligence which states exactly this.


So, the American people in many states see the problem, and see the common sense solutions.  I believe many of them are also sympathetic to refugees, but we are also encountering asymmetric warfare of unseen proportions in ISIS.  Security at the moment is taking precedence over our want and desire to be the world’s safe haven.

Ironically, the ban for 90-120 of the countries in the executive order are not listed in the executive order.  They are listed in an Obama law, and Trump did not pick these countries.  Trump wants to blast ISIS as well, and this move prevents those ISIS soldiers from infiltrating the refugees and coming to the west.

We hit a breaking point.  We are not racists.  We are not xenophobic.  We don’t want our relatives to be one of the 25,000 murders, 69,000 sexual assaults, or have our families killed in a terrorist attack by an ISIS soldier who came across in the refugee crisis.

While you throw insults and protest, you are not seeing that you are losing the war on common sense – and the country’s pendulum has temporarily moved right to tougher security.

See:…Paris….Germany…Turkey for how this has been going for them.