Once again, for anyone reading this I WAS a dem for 20 years or so, and this past year switched over.  It was more of a gradual 2 year shift on some things, as the left seemed to shift further to the left as well.  There were a lot of things that bothered me, and when I tried bringing up concerns to my left friends, I was sort of shouted down.  Censorship of thought, if you will.  I could not discuss my position without being dismissed or talked over…or shouted at.  This is not intellectual discourse.  The dem party I knew was borne of the liberal elite from Ivy Leagues – who felt discussion and debate could find middle ground and expose differences that each side needed to acknowledge and respect.  The dem party I know of now has more of a progressive dogma that is not permitted to be challenged or you are labeled an enemy.  At face value, progressivism seems like a good idea….but it has become more concrete in its beliefs rather than idealistic.

Somehow, a socialist hijacked this movement as well to mix ideals of socialism with progressivism. Another post for another time…

Now, I spent the last 15 years or so debating politics with my friends on the right.  Certain things I empathized, some I agreed with, and certain things I strongly disagreed – but I wanted to hear where they were coming from.  This past few years, there have been some political debates on selling cakes…the thoughts on religious freedoms versus gay rights.

The premise is, could a person who is highly religious and does not believe in gay marriage deny making a wedding cake for a gay wedding?

It’s a debate worthy of thoughtful consideration on both sides.  I’m an atheist, so I do not carry a stake here on that end.  My brother is gay and I’ve love to be at his wedding someday.  So while I’d love to see people onboard baking him a cake, part of me feels like a gay person’s best results could be found by simply asking vendors if they are comfortable making a cake for a same sex couple.  In this respect, you are respecting vendors’ rights to let them believe what they want, and you get service by someone who supports your rights.  The theory here is that those who cater to same sex weddings will get a lot more business.  But I would also not like the government forcing their will upon the cake maker to do something they don’t feel comfortable with.  That being said, I missed probably 90% of the argument – and my thoughts on this are not correct or incorrect.  They are my thoughts only.  I still have a right in this country to think for myself, right?

It gets sticky when you then think about restaurants refusing to serve blacks prior to the 1960s…and suddenly I start thinking like…”no, this is not ok.  You need to serve all races”.  In both cases, there appears to be bigotry of some sort.  One is based on a skin color, and another is based on sexual orientation.  I don’t think one is “better” than the other, but I get the comparison.  And then I also understand that it’s not right to discriminate against the gay person wanting a cake.  This is a situation where I can see both sides of the argument – at least in theory.

So the left came out in droves and demanded the cake maker be shamed.  Same thing happened to a pizza shop.  The left shaming continued.  And I get it.  But the simplest way to defeat that is with your purchases, and in another 10-20 years most of the companies that don’t cater to gays would probably be out of business.  But I get the concerns.

Fast forward to a Trump victory.  So far, I’m now seeing two events which should be brought to the front:

  1. designers are refusing to dress Melania Trump.  Because of their disdain for The Donald (or perhaps more accurately, the VP-elect who created those laws in Indiana protecting the cake baker) they have refused to provide the first lady service.  What the hell did she do?  You are refusing service to someone who has money and wants to buy your product – but YOUR opinions somehow give you the right to refuse service because of YOUR problems with a specific person or ideal?
  2. some of the Rockettes apparently don’t want to  dance for the presidential inauguration.  There were quotes about “tears running down” if they would be forced to do it.  I do not think they grasp the irony – as they were probably the same people who wanted the baker to make a cake for the gay couple.  This is not like performing for Kim Jong Un.
  3. Café writes “If you voted for Trump, you cannot eat here!  No Nazis allowed”.  I voted for Obama twice, so if I vote for the orange haired crazy person, I’m a Nazi?  For the record, I didn’t vote.

I think the three items above point out a case of hypocrisy…which is something I used to get on the right about all the time.  For example:

The right is against abortion, but is against the state providing any form of welfare or assistance to help the baby if the baby was conceived by a poor person who cannot afford to care for the baby.  We can debate the merits of this all day, but if you were for the health and well being of a baby brought into this world – you also better be able to assist in supporting that child.  Their kinda sorta solution to this is to seek help from your church.  This does not assist with atheists and infers that a church/state separation is not there as it should be.

Anyhow – back to the cake.  It appears to me, that activism and business do not mix well.  By refusing a cake to gay people, you are essentially then being an activist.  When you are a rockette and don’t want to dance for an inauguration, you are being an activist.  When you are a cafe and want to ban trump voters, you lose half of your customers.  When you are a newspaper and endorse a candidate, you are being an activist and just pissed off half of your readers.

In conclusion, I like this statement:

Shut up and take my money.


Seems to me, this solves all.