Watching TV the last month, you’d think Russia had taken over our election system and Putin had his finger on a button that eviscerated Hillary.  While some meddling most likely did happen, it was pretty minor in scope, if at all.  For example, if they did indeed hack the Podesta emails, it was because of a phishing attack – which could have been done by most rubes on the planet, not just a highly sophisticated government entity.  I would expect the attacks of a nation state equal to hacking the code on election machines – which would have literally changed votes.  That did not occur.  While the Podesta emails weren’t great, it was simply exposing embarrassing content.  Like…did anyone hear the Trump tapes where he was grabbing women by the bits?  It is fair to say, between Trump shooting himself in the foot, and grabbing women by the junk, his embarrassment equaled the embarrassment suffered by the dems equally.  But Hillary’s loss here was a result of many things – not just one.  Read below to hear how I see this….

  1. Her name.  While there is no doubt she had a resume to be considered for the nation’s highest job, her last name of Clinton brought back images of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  Essentially, before she ever won the primary, there were millions of Americans on the “never Hillary” train.  This built in demographic unified a lot of Republicans that otherwise would never have voted for Trump.
  2. Her appearance of stealing the primary from Bernie.  With the super delegate count at nearly 500 before day 1 tilted towards Clinton, there was an appearance that the DNC was rigging the election for Hillary.  You then activate a base of people who get turned off to such things.
  3. Bernie was strong.  Many of Bernie’s supporters were die hard leftists.  Clinton tried to appeal to them, but could not connect with them as Bernie did.  Many of them felt uninspired and did not come out.
  4. The emails.  For me, this was the biggest issue and I wrote several pieces on this.  If you are to be the commander in chief, you must also be the leader of our military.  The five domains of land, sea, air, space….and CYBER are big deals.  Back in the day, HIGH GROUND won land battles.  The higher you were, the more effective you were.  Space seemed to be the highest.  Well, if you can attack those space elements with cyber attacks, cyber is now the “high ground” – and essentially the most important element of warfare.  Clinton had her own email server…which I could overlook if she did not exchange hundreds of classified documents over it.  This act I felt should have had her clearances stripped at the least, as this is a gross mishandling of classified information.
  5. WikiLeaks.  Let’s not forget, the precursor to number 4 above was WikiLeaks posting classified embarrassing cables of the very State Dept that Mrs. Clinton was running at the time.
  6. DNC hacks.  WikiLeaks claims this was not Russia, and it would be more likely this was an internal threat.  The items from this were embarrassing, and showed the DNC was indeed rigging the election for Clinton.  You’d think after the State Dept hack and her email server issues, that they might try and secure their DNC servers better.  They didn’t.
  7. Podesta emails.  More embarrassment, which also led to the alt right news reporting on something called “Pizza Gate”.  There were a few strange emails that were posted that I couldn’t explain other than it was some kind of weird code.  Now, given all of the hacks that Hillary has experienced, she didn’t have her campaign manager trained in defending against phishing and spearphishing?  All of this shows a competence issue on the CYBER domain of warfare.
  8. Obamacare.  While universal healthcare was wanted and desired by a majority of the people, let’s face reality – this was version one that had serious flaws.  While Trump was effective with simply attacking Obamacare, Hillary seemed to not want to piss off Obama and didn’t distance herself from this.  The people that were indeed hurting the worst with Obamacare was the lower and middle class, who saw premiums jump leaps and bounds every year.
  9. Blue collar and the game to 270.  Democrats were the party of the lunch pail for many years.  This year, Trump had a message to keep their manufacturing jobs and hit the rust belt with a vengeance.  The presidential election is a game of getting to 270, it doesn’t matter how bad you slay someone in California or New York to run up the popular vote numbers.  Democrats still can’t get over that she won the popular vote by 3 million.  The problem is, they aren’t coming to grips with how Trump executed a strategy to get to 270 whereas Hillary played popular vote games with elites in California and New York.  Trump flanked her with the blue collar message and Hillary could not capture this crowd.
  10. Uninspired.  Hillary lost Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes.  Ironically, in the spring, 46,000 of us switched from  Dem to Republican so we could vote for the Donald.  Trump came with a nationalist message.  Hillary was kind of keeping the status quo.  Trump filled arenas and riled them up.  Hillary would take days or weeks off and no one knew where she was.  Rumors about going to fancy fund raisers plagued her when Donald was going to packed stadiums of 30,000.
  11. “Make America Great Again”.  While many elitists on the left felt this meant a return to 1950s America where there was discrimination, the beauty of the slogan was that it had a different meaning to each person.  For me, I am a numbers and lists guy, and it didn’t sit well with me that we were 37th in education, you can’t say “merry Christmas” without worrying about being sued, and our cities are warzones where they used to be a place to be.  Drugs have overrun this country.  We used to be the powerhouse of manufacturing.  We used to be able to do big things like put someone on the moon.  Today, our government bureaucracies are slow, over regulated, bloated, and can’t seem to get a goddamn thing done.  So – this message was one of hope, and to me, it seemed to signal a lot of change with how we do things.
  12. Out hustled.  Say what you will about Trump.  Even the far leftists have to acknowledge the guy’s endless energy.  He campaigned in beast mode, non stop.  While the left made rumors of cocaine up (to a guy who has never touched a sip of booze), they have to acknowledge he was out there, every day, when their candidate went through weeks at a time of being unseen.
  13. Her health.   I think this is a little more serious than let on to.  I don’t think this cost her any votes, but I think if a few were on the fence, they may have stayed home.
  14. Her VP pick.  Apparently, this guy has rumors of malfeasance with him as well.  He looks like the creepy uncle, and while Virginia is an important state, he just was not really an inspiring pick. I love Biden.  I wish he would have run for president.  That being said, her VP candidate was extremely, extremely weak and adding to questions about her health, people did not see a Tim Kaine as president.
  15. Her polished package was too polished.  Her most likeable moment of the last 2 years was her concession speech where she seemed choked up.  I’m sorry, but her words were “too perfect”….”too planned”….”too refined”.  She didn’t seem like she had a personality of her own, she just seemed like she was a political robot.  For all of Bill Clinton’s faults, he could literally charm the pants off of someone.  He was likeable.  She was not.  She looks like she might be able to command a room in project manager mode, but does not give the appearance that she would be adept at soft politics which rely on charm and persuasion more than strong arming someone.
  16. Benghazi.  The big deal here is that on the eve of Obama’s election, the Obama administration knew it was a terrorist attack, and did nothing about it, as it was going on.  Clinton and company, not wanting Obama to appear weak on terrorism, tried to package this as “radical protestors” for weeks.  Susan Rice was marched out on the Sunday shows.  This was meant to deceive Americans that we were indeed not attacked successfully by terrorists.  Additionally, what the hell was this guy doing out there with no real support?  Why couldn’t we air drop troops in to rescue them?  Why weren’t troops within an hour or two at all times from them?  Let’s look at her official email correspondence from the state department to see what she knew and when….wait…you have no state department email?  OK, turn over your email server.  “No.  Let me figure out which are important to your query, and I’ll give them to you.  By the way, we’re going to take a hammer to mobile devices where my email is and we’re going to wipe everything in the meantime”.   This agitated many on the right, who smelled foul shit all over the place.  No accountability.  Shortly after Benghazi, Clinton resigned.
  17. Libya.  Apparently, the ouster of Khaddafi was the brain child and at the execution of Clinton.  The problem is, just like when Saddam was killed, a power vacuum existed in Libya leading to warlords taking over our embassy.  There were rumors that Clinton was giving and selling arms to those in the region to rise up against Khaddafi.   The problem is, since 1986, he really hasn’t done shit to us.  His crime in this situation was cracking down hard on violent protestors.  Somehow, this made us get involved.  It’s almost like we baited him, he took the bait, now he must die so we can put a puppet president in there so we can put a McDonald’s in downtown Libya.
  18. Scandals.  Whitewater, Vince Foster, emails, etc.  I read how Vince Foster was a close friend of the Clintons, was dressed down by Hillary in front of tons of people, humiliated him.  A week later he killed himself.  The far right conspiracy people think the Clintons killed him. I don’t, but I feel her behavior in this case demonstrated a failure to lead effectively.  If you have to raise your voice, you’re not doing it right.  Anyway – the point is, scandal after scandal after scandal….lots and lots of smoke.  No “proof”.  The latest “smoke” that irked me, was the DNC emails were “hacked” and a few days later, a DNC staffer was killed in the street by “muggers” who didn’t take his wallet.  It smelled of a political hit.  Then Assange, who admittedly seems to hate the Clintons, intimated that the gentleman who was killed was the source of the internal DNC emails.  To this day, Assange is claiming Russia did not give him anything.
  19. Tax companies that were leaving.  I’m watching Trump trying to keep American companies here by any and all means.  I saw a Hillary ad (which mysteriously I cannot find on YouTube) which stated at the end that she would have an exit tax for companies leaving.  This is a weak, weak, weak proposition.
  20. Pandering to everyone.  Admittedly, the dems have been an ally to protect the rights of minorities and those of different sexual orientations for quite some time.  However, Trump did not seem to trample on any of this, he seemed to just not address it at all.  Meaning, it seems this presidency is based on fiscal conservatism and not social conservatism.  In 2008/2012, McCain and Romney tried to go toe to toe with social liberalism, and they lost due to gay rights mostly.  In Trump, he appealed to many fiscal conservatives who have relatives or friends who are gay and did not seem to threaten those rights.  Trump apparently let gays in his Florida club since the early 1990s, he was an advocate for AIDS research in the 1980s, and he was at Elton John’s wedding in 2003.  So, while many on the right oppose social liberalism with gay rights – Clinton could not play this high ground with Trump because clips of her up to 5 or 6 years ago have her opposing gay marriage.  Meaning, Trump appeared more friendly to the gay population than Clinton and she could not play that high ground.  Now, Pence is a different story.
  21. Pandering, part 2, with minorities.  What irked many people over the last 8 years of the Obama administration was how unemployment continued to go down, but the national debt increased by nearly $10 trillion, and food stamps were to nearly 50 million people.  What people don’t understand about unemployment numbers, is that when you are unemployed for more than a year, you drop off of the unemployment numbers.  If we are at “full employment” at 4.9%….then riddle me this, how do we have record numbers of people not in the labor market and nearly 50 million on food stamps?  It seemed that the plan here is to pander to socioeconomically poor classes of folks (of all colors) to keep the handouts going, as long as you vote for them.  What Trump suggested (and has yet to be seen) is that “I’m going to replace your government handout with a bona fide good job”.  He won nearly 10% of African Americans and nearly 33% of the Hispanic vote.  His message was to give those who are disenfranchised a job, not a hand out.  Not sure he can deliver on that promise 100%, but that message resonated.  People don’t want charity, they want jobs and self worth.
  22. Illegals.  Clinton seemed to pander to illegal aliens, who…if given the right to vote by a path to citizenship, could create a democrat rule for 50 years.  Many of us have been stunned by the lack of our government to protect us from this.  While many of you on the left have been brainwashed that every single one of these are good, decent people (and an overwhelmingly most are), there are really bad people that are coming over.  First, there were indeed 25,000 of our American citizens murdered by illegals in a 7 year period.  Fact. Not opinion.  66,000 sexual assaults were done by illegals over a 7 year period against our citizens.  Fact.  Not opinion.  Our cities are overrun by gangs comprised of a lot of illegal immigrants.  Fact.  Our immigration policy is there so we can indeed screen those coming in.  Instead, we have 11 million people in this country using our social mechanisms without contributing much to the tax base.  They use our schools, our emergency services, but contribute little.  There is an estimate of $113 billion per year we are LOSING because of illegal immigration.  When we are running  a huge deficit each year, it makes sense to cut costs where we can.  Why not simply enforce the laws on the books?  Trump won heart and minds with this logical argument.
  23. Pragmatism versus ideology.  Trump was pretty smart in being vague.  While many people on the left were left scratching their heads, to me it was smart not to anchor yourself to ideology.  As an executive, you need to be able to read the landscape of an event, real time, and not be anchored by roots.  Let me explain.  Let’s just say you are a sea captain.  You tell everyone that you always like to turn right when there is danger.  Now, you’re on choppy seas and there is danger on the right, you need to be able to veer left in real time to parry the danger.  What I want is a guy at that helm who can lead the people on that ship and steer them to prosperous waters, not be a curmudgeon and stick to an idea no matter what.
  24. Deficit reduction versus tearing shit up.  All you hear from the left is “deficit reduction”.  Why?  Why can’t we be more efficient?  Why can’t we reduce the size of our government and trim costs?  Why can’t we balance the budget?  Trump seems to be wanting to reduce the size of our government whilst increasing our tax base and reducing the amount of money in welfare spent on said food stamps above.
  25. Playing the woman card.  I’ve heard many on the left suggesting if you are a woman, you should be voting for Hillary or else you’re some kind of traitor to your gender.  I think the loudest of this voice was Madonna.  The assumption was that no self respecting woman would ever vote on the right because they are all sexist.  Interestingly, this statement itself is sexist.  If you study Trump’s history with women in employment, he has many women in the highest of spots, including his daughter.  Did he have some unflattering quotes in the 80s about his wife staying at home and cooking dinner? Perhaps – but there are a lot of families who embrace this dynamic.  Not every single woman on the planet wants to be a CEO.  Some just want to be a stay at home mom and raise a family.   The thing is, that choice should be there…a woman should have a path to a CEO if she chooses and wants to work at it.  But to think that his quotes in the 1980s of wanting a stay at home wife is sexist?  No.  It’s how he wanted to have his home life setup, and he found those who shared his vision.  Instead, the left wants you to think he expects all women to stay at home barefoot and pregnant is silly.  They failed at selling this message, especially since Trump’s campaign manager was female….and Hillary’s was male.
  26. Huma and the Weiner.  Huma had been a rising star.  Gorgeous.  Competent.  Loyal.  Then she married a guy who sexted people for years, had the code name “Carlos Danger”, and after being found out a few times, then sexted an underage girl on a laptop that also seemed to share Hillary Clinton emails.  The FBI is indeed investigating Weiner and the discovery of those emails did require Comey to re-open the investigation to see if there was anything else there.  Left now wants to blame Comey.  However, the right was pissed at Comey because he didn’t refer Clinton to be prosecuted.  So, Comey has been pretty non-partisan in this.
  27. CNN.  CNN had a plan.  During the primaries, let’s put Trump on all the time.  I mean all the time.  Anything he is doing, let’s cover it.  The plan here is let’s champion this idiot over the other 16 more formidable politicians on the right, then after he wins, we’re turning the Clinton News Network on full throttle and chop his balls off.  The problem is, you had democrats like me who always watched CNN connecting with some of his messages, and CNN is partly responsible for me switching over to vote republican in the primaries.  When they tried to pull the rug out from under Trump, I took notice.  I noticed how they seemed to be drawing conclusions on things that were not legitimate.   I saw how they tried to play the emotional card rather than the logic card.  Bleeding hearts came on begging people not to vote for the next Hitler.  CNN unintentionally exposed a LOT of democrats to a fiscally conservative message we could relate to, and it backfired on them when they tried to walk it back.  Since Trump has won, it turned into Chicken Little with the sky falling.  I had to eventually switch to Faux News full time.  Kimberly Guilfoyle sort of kept me watching as well 🙂
  28. Globalism versus nationalism.  Clinton missed this here.  She initially called TPP the “gold standard”.  Then walked it back.  Her husband was responsible for NAFTA, which she now came out against.  While it is good to have globalism….it is also good to have nationalism.  If you pass certain regulations that essentially makes an industry no longer able to produce goods in the United States cost effectively, they move.  Jobs leave this country.  This has been happening for 30 years.  Many of you who live in or around big cities have no fucking clue about the rest of the country.  I live in Pennsylvania.  I want you to drive to Pittsburgh and drive around the smaller towns there.  The towns literally look like a throwback in time.  No new houses in 70 years.  No office buildings.  Factories that look over 100  years old closed down.  These people have no jobs.  We have a lot of skilled tradesmen in this country with no ability to work.  These people connected to Trump.  Clinton never even acknowledged them.
  29. “Drain the Swamp”.  Very catchy.  The concept here is to get competent people leading change in agencies to reduce them in size and get out a lot of incompetent lifers.  What many people don’t see a lot is that often people rise up in the government due to attrition.  Obviously this isn’t always the case, but it does happen.  Government jobs at the higher levels are closed off to only existing government employees.  Competent, dynamic leaders and innovators leave for the private sector making many multiples of what they were making, leading the leftovers to be promoted in their absence.  Eventually, these people end up running things like the VA and cause all kinds of problems.  Cronyism keeps the machine running.  No accountability.  I just read recently that somehow the Pentagon lost $125 billion?  Not sure how true it is, but what we’re now seeing with Trump is a lot of billionaires stepping in to lead a change with efficiency.  Tear down the bureaucracy.  Remove institutionalism.  Promote good ideas and good people.  Reduce regulations.  Get rid of “common core” and let teachers teach.  My public school 1 mile from me looks like a $100 million castle.  Just 3 miles away in another direction is a city school who can’t pay for school books.  Something is indeed broken in our school system.  If you only put people in charge of these institutions who have been in the system for 30 years, they are simply going to charge ahead and bloat programs even more.  Obama himself once said there were 9 different agencies regulating Salmon.  That message resonated with me.  In the 4 years since I heard him say this, I’m not sure anyone changed that.  We wanted a change agent to address this shit.  Clinton was indeed not a change agent.
  30. Wealthy donors.  What was interesting about this was you had two rich people running for office.  Clinton was worth like $200 million and Trump was worth a few billion.  Trump ponied up his own money.  It turned out he spent about $100 million of his own money, and the rest mostly came in small donations from dozens of millions of people.  Clinton went right to the wealthy donor class.  It smelled like Trump could not be bought and Clinton was in the pockets of big banks and industry.  For example, one of the leading employers in this nation is Walmart.  From Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was governor.  They employ 1.2 million employees.  Yet they are also one of the biggest welfare drivers.  They pay poorly and they have hours carved out in such a way which requires their employees to essentially get handouts with food stamps and assistance with medical costs.  These types of industry wanted Clinton to win to continue the status quo.  We saw Trump telling us openly that he has been able to game the system of taxes and wanted to put an end to it for all.

There you have it folks.  30 different reasons Clinton lost, not just Comey.  Not the Russians.