I’ll reiterate for this anyone new to my rants – I didn’t vote this year.  I was leaning Trump, but his behavior leading up to the election disturbed me.  Clinton would have been a “steady hand” for no change.  Johnson sort of bumbled his way to 3% after flirting with 12% at times.

I voted for Kerry and Obama twice.

I was also one of the 70,000 or so registered democrats in Pennsylvania who registered republican this year.  My state was pretty key in putting Trump over the top.  I read yesterday there were newspapers trying to understand the Trump voter.  I’m going to summarize as this:

None of you would listen to me.

When I did speak, you shouted me down to get me to comply.

Your world view could not be challenged.  Those that did challenge were put into a box of labels and dismissed.  Homophobic.  Xenophobic.  Racist.  Bigot.  Misogynist.

I tried to tell you my problems with the system, and how we might fix it.  You wouldn’t listen to me.  Even after Trump won, I tried to tell you about WHY he won.  You cried.  You called Trump supporters racist.  You refused to engage me.  You could not talk to me.  You refuse to talk to me.

I would contest that this behavior is why there is a Republican in the White House as well as leading Congress.  I have been shouted out of my left.

Let me tell you about some problems I had with the left:

  1. 50 million people on food stamps is not a long term solution.  The people on food stamps need to be working to support themselves.  Welfare is not a lifestyle choice, it’s meant to help people during the worst moments of their lives.
  2. Your solution to this is to state that employment is fine at 4.9% and we simply need to raise wages to $15 per hour.  This doesn’t take into account those that are out of the work force or under employed.  Simply trying to raise the price floor will absolutely destroy the economy and small businesses.  You elicit global scientists to prove that global warming is real and this cannot be challenged.  Yet when the same science theories with economists are presented, they laugh at your $15 per hour minimum wage.  You cannot use experts when it suits you.  Science that.  Oh, and don’t give me your 8 month study on one city.  You’re looking at micro, micro, micro economics in a closed environment.  I’m talking macro economics at the country scale in all walks of life.  No need to go to any schooling if you can drop out and be a cashier making $30,000 per year, plus all benefits, 4 weeks vacation, and safe space time.  Do you realize how many careers right now make about 30k per year and are a LOT harder and more involved than flipping burgers?  Who is paying this money?  Consumers?  So you’re saying the price of everything is going up?  By how much?  Fuccckkk.  NO – we’ll make the rich shop keepers pay the money!!  Right.  So the guys making 8% profit on their $100,000 investment and working 60 hours per week is now suddenly going to double the rate for all of his employees out of his own pocket?  Good luck, skippy.  This is just such a bad…..bad….bad…bad…BAD idea.  Go get some college and call me back when you take economics 101.  Yet I am castigated for bringing real, legitimate science to the table on this because RICH people are unfair?  How about you crack a fucking book, go to school, or apply to a trade school to make your wages go up?  Wait…you don’t want to try harder?  Right, this is why it’s a capitalist society.  We give you opportunity to make more money.  YOU have to put in the work.  But when I bring up “opportunity looks a lot like hard work” I’m constantly told there are people out there that just aren’t college material.  That’s fine.  There are plenty of people making good money in trade, sales, and construction.  Not everyone deserves a big house.  You gotta hustle to get there.  Then you have to hustle to keep it.
  3. Large companies are leaving this country and setting up shop elsewhere.  We have the highest corporate taxes and unions have driven wages up beyond a means we can pay them.  I watched a campaign commercial of Hillary’s, and her answer was to fine them for leaving.  REALLY????  In most countries in the world, if I want to sell cars there (like Ford), I have to build a plant there or have a 100% tariff on the car.  Because of trade deals like NAFTA, Ford is opening a billion dollar plant in Mexico right across the border from us and making cars there that they ship over the country border to sell to us.  Let me paint you a big, broad picture here – employees in Detroit or the like lose their high paying job.  They go on welfare or get a lower paying job and are under employed.  Tax payers have to subsidize those that may need welfare at some point.  Ford moves production to Mexico and saves a ton on labor, and brings the cars over the border to sell to us for the SAME PRICE, thus pocketing the profit.  Trump said to this practice, he would threaten a 45% tariff.  My guess is this is the profit plus penalty.  The idea is to keep the cars being manufactured here by removing  the incentive to move elsewhere.  Additionally, if you lower the corporate tax rates and incentivize people to bring jobs back with that rate, you create more jobs here.  You can’t fine someone as they are leaving for good.  I tried to tell people about the economics of this, and they keep talking about the greedy company owners.  Right – and with your plan, they will be greedy from another country and take their jobs with them.
  4. Undocumented.  Shut the fuck up already.  11 million people have essentially invaded the country and you are ok with this?  Let me boil this down for you, in a nutshell.  The democrats won the popular vote in this election (the absentee ballots are not in yet), but lost in several battleground states.  What happens when you infuse these areas with people who are 99% likely to vote Democrat?  You seize control of the government.  It makes sense for the Democrats to want these 11 million people to be citizens, because it will lead to a generation of blue states.  Again – I voted democrat, but I don’t like when the republicans gerrymander or the dems try and add 11 million voters surreptitiously.   Let me also boil this down for you.  They committed a crime by coming here (or staying past a visa date) illegally.  ILLEGALLY.  When I tried to bring this up in social media, ILLEGAL and legal immigration gets jumbled up, by you, and try to paint someone like me as anti-immigrant.  That’s 100% not the case, but you want to label people as xenophobes to end your argument.  I’m sorry sir, that’s not good enough.  Now, do we really want to go around with wagons and round up 11 million people and get them out?  No.  It’s not practical.  However, anyone that has supported Trump has seen a pattern.  Start with a hardline.  Hear both sides, walk back a solution to the middle that is palpable for both sides.  However, all anyone wants to see is the hardline.  We have border patrol in this country who are not allowed to do their jobs, I had read a “catch and release” article.  There are like 238 “sanctuary cities” where cities who catch ILLEGAL immigrants refuse to deport them.  This can be your cleaning lady Rosa, but it can also be Yuri, who is a thug in your local Russian mob.  These people are not “undocumented”.  They are illegal.  This is the fucking law people.  I’m not racist or xenophobic – I’m pointing out people who are breaking the law and you want to call me names.  Sir, this is not acceptable.  What can we do?  Well, apparently Obama has deported 2.5 million illegal immigrants.  Somehow, some way, they just seem to come right back.  Maybe we build a wall or fence to help.  Funny, I get yelled at that the wall will do no good.  Right.  Who told you that?  CNN?  Have you ever looked at any secure facility, anywhere in the world?  The basic tenet is gates, guns, guards.  It’s not “welcome them into your fucking house so they can slit your throat”.  I’m so tired of the argument that they are all good people.  Fuck you.  You have NO IDEA who they are, that’s the goddamn point.  People come across.  Watch the videos of them sprinting across.  Now, let’s put a 20 foot wall in their way.  Pole vault that, bitches!!  Let me also tell you about what happened in Cuba in 1980.  Ever see Scarface?  Castro let people come to Florida.  He also opened up the jails and mental hospitals.  Essentially said he doesn’t want those people in his country anymore and made them our social problem because we have all of this money.  We are soooo RICH!! Let’s put our arms around anyone with a problem. No.  Let their country’s social services help them with their tax revenues.  We are $19 trillion in debt.  No, we cannot take your social problems until we get our shit handled.  Period.  And I also saw the government reports which had illegal immigrants killing 25,000 people and sexually assaulting 66,000 people in a 7 year period.  I linked it in one of my earlier writings, but this is not right or left wing – these are government stats.   So what if we had better filters and means of keeping bad people out?  Could we have prevented 24,000 of those murders?  60,000 sexual assaults?  What is going to happen when it’s one of your family members affected?  So don’t give me this “give me your tired, your hungry, your poor”…my taxes are through the fucking roof paying for social services for 11 million people who are not here legally.  I want my taxes to go down.  If we have less crime being committed….and less social services used…perhaps my taxes will go down?   But you keep calling them undocumented.  They don’t have documentation because they are here illegally.  What about identity theft?  Any of you have that happen to you?  I have.  How do you think many of these people get by?  They have to steal identities.  In many states, they open bank accounts and get driver’s licenses.  I even saw reports (to be fair, I don’t trust the source) about 3 million illegals somehow voting in this election.  However, I cannot have these conversations with you, because the Dems have somehow convinced you that anyone who doesn’t open their arms to all of these illegals is xenophobic.  These same lawmakers that have gates, walls, and fences in front of their own houses – don’t want to put one up on our southern border.
  5. Taxes.  I nearly shat myself when during one of the Democratic debates, they were trying to one up themselves about what more they can tax. In this country, we continue to have record breaking tax income, yet we still can’t balance the fucking budget and slide more into debt.  Has anyone considered we need to lower expenses?  I can’t talk to people about this, all they start saying is rich people don’t pay their fair share.  The problem with this statement is that we already have record monies coming in…and they still can’t balance it…not even close…what makes you think adding more tax revenue is the solution?  People need to govern effectively and efficiently.
  6. Obamacare.  I don’t want to hear it.  It failed, and it failed miserably.  The first reason it failed, is because the law is 10,000 pages long and no one has read the whole goddamn thing.  The second reason was state exchanges.  You had people like in Arizona and Florida who have an average population who is older which drives up the cost of health insurance for everyone else there.  People were sicker than they thought.  Some good things that came from this that the republicans seem to want to keep is pre-existing conditions and kids can be on until 26.  But I can’t have this discussion with you because apparently people who oppose Obamacare are racists.  No, people cannot afford the premiums for the “affordable care act”.  My child hood friend posted that her rates continue to skyrocket where he deductible is now at a clownish $6,000.  “Well, let’s just fix it”.  It’s a 10,000 page document and the whole architecture is based on state exchanges.  Yes, you need to repeal and replace.  To their credit, they will not repeal until they have the newer plan in place.
  7. Everyone that doesn’t like Obama is a racist.  This is something that bothers me.  I voted for him twice.  I still like him, but some of the policies I don’t like.  Iran deal?  Really?  TPP?  No to keystone?  Billions in failed ventures with green energy?  Paying money to global climate change treaty in the billions?  Russia failures?  Lack of leadership with Syria? Not letting ICE do their jobs?  I feel he is measured, articulate, and deliberate – but I also feel he’s a players coach meant to lead in quiet times.  Congress did not just decide to block everything he wants to do.  You are seeing one side of this.  A few years back, there was a shut down, and Obama embarrassed them.  He won the battle, but how he won in a sense shamed congress…and they didn’t forget it.  He wielded the big stick, and this was the result of that tactic.  You want to see what you want to see.  The opposing party is always somewhat obstructive to get the others to the table.  Obama clowned them.  So they shut it down.  It might not be right, but this was an error in strategy by Obama that backfired politically.  This is the reality.  No one wants to hear that.  They just want to insist someone is racist.  Well, I called out Bush on his 712 blunders…but I still think he’s a good man.  So is Obama.  Trump appears to be an asshole bully, but one that we picked on our kickball team to destroy the other team.
  8. Shouting me down for asking questions on climate.  Look, I get you’re smarter than me.  I saw the Gore movie back in the day with the lines that went up.  It begged a lot of questions.  First, data collection methods…assumptions…analysis, conclusions.  Many of you who know all about global warming never saw the special on the science channel talking about global cooling with the silicates in the clouds.  I hear it’s “decided science” and “97%” of all scientists agree.  Well, 3% don’t.  And, if my buddy who works in this field is any indication of what’s going on out there, people are afraid to speak up and dissent for losing their careers and grants.  Big money is now behind green technologies.  Cap and trade.  Emissions.  Solar.  Today, I see that fracking and the like is driving oil prices from the Saudis down.  I can see we have unexplored shale in Texas.  We don’t tap our reserves.  It makes sense to exploit these resources to get the fuck out of the middle east and to stop importing their oil and use ours.  $1-$2 trillion was spent on the middle east wars over the past 15 years.  What if we had spent a lot of this on roads, education, developing clean energy…and use profits from shale/oil to be put into being energy independent?  It makes zero sense to shut down our oil now to import…and while our technologies may be 5-10-20 years out from mainstream, you are bankrupting Americans now with energy prices dependent on foreign groups.  Keystone pipeline makes sense.  Why not have special taxes on energy companies, and these funds directly go to subsidizing things like electric cars, solar power, etc.  Why the fuck do you want to raise my taxes AND stop drilling to make my gas prices go up?  Let them drill.  Lower our taxes.  Develop green technologies from special taxes on profits for energy companies that exploit our reserves.
  9. Trump beat you to defending the factory worker.  How the fuck can the dems be on the wrong side of factories than the republicans?  Hillary’s commercial stated that they were going to fine companies for leaving the country.  Right.  Trump exploited Ford wanting to build a factory in Mexico and drive cars over the border to sell them here is wrong and he was going to slap a 45% tariff on them.  How did dems not get to this point first?  He completely beat you to a point YOU should have had.  And you deny it’s the right answer?  You’re going to fucking punish them AFTER they leave the country?  Really, Trump defined a salient position that the dems should have had.  He articulated the problem well, proposed a solution that could work, and delivered that message all over the fucking rust belt 600 times in stump speeches, when Clinton was nowhere to be found other than at private fundraising dinners for weeks on end.   This time around, the right found the correct position on blue collar labor.  The dems slid far to the left  to defend $15 per hour minimum wage to Chuck, who is 25 and lives in his mom’s basement and didn’t finish high school.  Hillary defended Chuck.  Trump defended Chuck’s dad, who just lost his job because Ford is opening a billion dollar factory in Mexico and will sell cars here at the same price, with those profits going to Ford executives and people who have shares in big business like Warren Buffet.  Trump said that he could prevent Ford from making that plant, and Chuck’s dad would keep his job instead of having to go on welfare and work at Walmart for $9.00 per hour.  Walmart (from Arkansas) refused to give Chuck’s dad enough hours, so he also works at Target.  He can’t get health insurance at either, and is working 20% more for 50% less pay.  He is “fully employed” by the 4.9% labor rates.  Obamacare rates just went through the roof, where he can’t even afford the premiums anymore.  The deductible just went to $4,000 for the family.  Walmart and Target are using the federal government to subsidize the healthcare for their employees, and all of the goods sold are Walmart are made in China.  The answer then from Clinton and Sanders is Chuck and Chuck’s dad can go work at Burger King for $15 each and we can subsidize their healthcare, because Burger King just re-incorporated in Canada and there  are no Burger King corporate jobs here anymore.  Chuck’s dad is a highly skilled laborer, but there are no factories within 100 miles that utilize his skill.  There are programs out there for him to get re-trained, but it might take a year or two and cost the tax payers a lot of money.  Wouldn’t it make sense to have business on a level playing field now?   Why do we still have the highest corporate tax rates in the world?  Shouldn’t we make better policy to incentivize companies to stay?  Would Chuck’s dad be happier with his union job at $40 per hour going to Mexico, having a non-union job for $35 per hour, or working at Burger King for $7.25 per hour?

Anyway…I can go on, but these are the items the left seemed to go further left on.  I tried to tell them the problems, and got shouted to the right.