I read this in an article yesterday, and it was pretty profound.

There’s a lot of anger out there from my left friends.  A lot of anxiety.  A lot of stress.  Sadness.  Anger even.  If you haven’t seen the Jonathan Pie video on facebook, you need to.  Yesterday when I linked it on Facebook, it had about 3 million views.  I checked back today and it’s at 9.8 million.  So, it’s going viral to say the least.  I believe he was pretty spot on.

I still have people who feel that voting in Trump meant that it validated there was a lot of hate and bigotry out there…towards gays…women…people of color.  I can honestly say if people think that, then they really need to watch the Jonathan Pie video and come back here.

Let’s think about the name of this post first…

“Left was for morality, Right was for survival”

Each side does their best fear mongering to rouse up the crowd.  I get it.  It’s part of politics.  At this point in my life, I can usually see through the rhetoric and don’t get riled up like in my 20s.  But a lot of the reason to vote for Hillary was:

  1. Keep things sorta steady.  She seems to be someone who wants to take the baton from Obama and move slowly forward.  Punt on change, if you will.
  2. Liberal supreme court justices.  The next president could shape the court for 25 years.
  3. The right will take away gay rights and make abortions illegal.  Roe V Wade will be overturned!!

Let me analyze these major statements:

  1. It is appealing to kinda sorta keep the ship moving steady.  Steady means good for stock markets because there’s not a lot of change.  But steady also means all of the talk of “deficit reduction” rather than balancing budgets.  It’s going to be more talk of “coalitions of the willing” to fight ISIS.  It’s going to be more posturing with Putin, and more trade deals that continue to send jobs overseas.  Yes, there is a strong appeal with no change – it’s low risk.
  2. Yes…the next president potentially can shape the supreme court.  However, this sometimes doesn’t go as planned.  Remember folks, the supreme court leaned right when gay marriage was granted.  Many of these justices sort of despise being thought of as a liberal or conservative justice.  They do, however, fight ardently about what the constitution says/means/intends…and sometimes interprets when they have to.  This potentially is a big reason to vote for Clinton.
  3. Rights.  In the last 40 years, there have been plenty of times where the supreme court leaned right.  Roe V Wade was not overturned.  It took some time, but when the population of this country had nearly 70% approving gay marriage, the supreme court adapted.  The Supreme Court, despite what you think, is not there to serve at the whim of the people’s yearly fads.  The Supreme Court decides on something with great deliberation, and usually these items are put in stone.  I do not see the supreme court overturning gay marriage or roe v wade. I do want to say that it is entirely possible that the LGB of the LGBT is preserved, but the T part of it might take some time to evolve.  I know, people want rights, and they want them NOW!  But, let me remind you, it essentially took 20 some years for gay marriage to get where it is after famous celebrities started coming out of the closet in the mid 90s.  While the LGB portion has been mostly desensitized to America, the T portion is still not quite there.  I know they are under a big umbrella for supporting rights of each other, but a conservative court might put up some roadblocks with things like bathrooms.  While you live in a city and have seen transgender folks around for 10 years and don’t care, for bumblefuck Kansas, they may never have seen one and it’s going to take some time for them.  It was said there are about 700,000 or so transgendered folks out there in a country of 330,000,000.  10-20 years ago, people just might have called them “trannies” and said, “I don’t care what they do in their bedroom”.  When you are out at a restaurant with your small children in bumblefuck Kansas…it’s now a little hard to address that.  I’m not saying it’s never coming, but this might take some time to get there.  A conservative court, in my opinion, might most affect these rights.

So – most of Clinton’s voters were focused on a lot of the social side of things.

Let’s look now at some reasons to vote for Trump’s platform:

  1. Guns.  Clinton will take your guns.
  2. ILLEGAL Immigration. While we hear there are 11 million illegal immigrants here, why are we not securing our borders?  The very lawmakers trying to oppose this had very large fences around their house.  The irony was lost on them.
  3. Jobs going overseas need to stop.
  4. No PAC money, meaning he can kind of say and do whatever he wants without having to drop out.  No encumbrances.
  5. Obamacare change.   Rates keep going up through the roof.  Lots of people are pissed.
  6. Iran.  Why did we make a deal with them to let them have nukes in 10 years?
  7. ISIS.  When exactly are we going to attack them?  Ohh..we are waiting on a coalition?  Waiting…waiting…waiting….
  8. Russia.  Putin seems to not respect Obama/Clinton.  He marched his troops into Crimea and then Obama decided to put sanctions on 8 wealthy Russians.
  9. Cleaning house.  Trump is best known for “you’re fired” and seems to want to lay down some ass kicking in Washington.  Establishment on BOTH SIDES reject him.  Curses to crowds of people larger than any politician in US history, crowd loves him for taking off filter.
  10. Our lives have become confusing with somehow worrying we offend everyone when talking about a subject, and “safe spaces” is actually a thing….and have been used at universities, along with counseling, to deal with Hillary losing.  As the “greatest generation” is dying off, it’s being handed over to the biggest pussy generation our country has ever seen.
  11. Left demands $15 per hour.  Trump and friends call bullshit, and ask anyone within earshot how the fuck you plan on paying $15 per hour for a burger flipper.
  12. Left demands “free college”.  Trump references left to something called “The GI Bill”.
  13. Left demands more taxes.  Right points out we have had the highest revenues ever in the history of our country, and we need to cut costs.  No answers are provided.
  14. TPP and NAFTA are treaties that ultimately lift up countries with less money at the expense of our country.  Globalism is not evil, but things like this have gone off the rails for decades leading to all of our manufacturing leaving us…decimating our cities and small towns outside of cities.  Trump is a 70 year old businessman with the promise to put more competent people in there to make these deals better for America.  Left doesn’t have an answer.  Husband of Dem candidate created NAFTA and Dem candidate supported it.  NAFTA has been vilified by both left and right for decimating manufacturing here.
  15. “The Wall”.  While illegal immigration is mentioned above, the dude  said something many of us thought.  And we liked him for saying it when no one else would permit us to say it.  We welcome legal immigration.  We need to enforce laws against illegal immigration.  Left has lumped “legal” and “illegal” immigration into one shit pile hoping no one could smell the difference.
  16. No Syrians.  While France and Germany are getting hammered with problems with displaced Syrians, the Clinton administration would have welcomed many of these with open arms.  This, while we are fighting an enemy with guerilla warfare tactics.  Collectively, we said “what the fuck are you thinking” to her.  Pointed out that Saudi Arabia is rich, they have cities of tents that are air conditioned and can temporarily house hundreds of thousands of Arabic speaking individuals.  Called “racists” and xenophobic” for pointing this out.  I am sympathetic to their civil war, but much of the fallout now 4-5 years later was because of the inaction of the Obama administration back then.
  17. Conservative courts.  For many in this country who are not metropolitan city slickers, so to speak…they live on farms.  They go to church.  They read the bible.  They are folks who live by a moral fabric they choose to live by.  For many of these folks, a conservative court might delay certain things and give them time to adjust to cultural changes.  Some may feel this may help them overturn Roe V Wade.
  18. Defund Planned Parenthood.  I’m not advocating for these positions, but I’m pointing out all the different possible reasons.  To many, planned parenthood means free abortions on the government dollar.  Apparently only 3% of their services has to do with abortions, but for many, they are fighting for the rights of unborn babies.  Again, I don’t agree with this, but it’s a possible reason.
  19. They were bigoted, xenophobic, and homophobic and they also support the klan.  I want you to put this in context with the other reasons.  Yes, some fit into this category.  However, it’s not anyone I know.  My die hard right friends fall into the 18 above.  For the left to make this about racism/sexism or any other -ism is to try and demonize people who do not agree with your position.
  20. He’s authentic.  Sure, he may be trying to sell you Trump Steaks or Trump TV if he lost, but when he’s up there calling out people, you feel him taking off the filter and talking to you.  With Hillary, it felt that every single word, smile, and gesture was pre-programmed.  Just 8 years ago (or was it 12) Howard Dean essentially lost his bid for a candidacy when he let out some form of screech when he was up in the primaries big time.  Americans may have finally gotten sick of the “perfect person” syndrome of the American politician and wanted someone they felt might level with them.  You might not like what he has to say, but you get the sense there is authenticity there.
  21. Strategist.  This man, who has never been a politician, sat in his living room and one day said “I’m going to be president”.  He put together the right people, came out shooting, and in the end, he won.  Americans like winners.  We are more Machiavellian than we like to admit.  We like results.  This man not only trounced 16 others in the Republican primary, he then went up against, and defeated, the Clinton political machine on HIS terms.  He switched people at the right times in his campaign, going from Corey Lewandowski to Paul Manafort to Kellyanne Conway.  He was outspent ridiculously both by the republicans and Hillary.  He was able to use the media like his puppet to keep him relevant in the news cycles.  This is a man on a different playing field than most strategically – and you have to give him his due.


Now, each candidate had their flaws as well.  Trump couldn’t stop shooting himself in the foot every other week, and Clinton was in constant denial of the email shit storm that wouldn’t go away.  Now, I literally don’t have enough time this entire weekend to document all of Trump’s fuck ups.  I can also smell the snake oil salesman within him.  But one thing above all sort of stuck with me.  He essentially will have to give up his company (500+ companies within that one company) and work for free at the toughest job in the world for 16-18 hours a day at 70 years old.  This one thing I just can’t get past.  I think he feels like he’s capable of doing the job.  I think when you are an executive of a multi billion dollar company you built up from not much, you have my attention.  Yeah, he had some bankruptcies in his company.  I get it.  But America is $19 trillion in debt.  We are now at 4.9% unemployment, but we are running at massive deficits.  What percentage of people dropped off of those numbers because they couldn’t get work after 12 months?  What percentage of those people are government employees?  Could those numbers be a little rigged?

Recently, I also saw #draintheswamp, which caught fire as well.

Now, maybe I oversimplified some reasons to vote for Clinton.  But I want you to look at the reasons people had to vote for Trump.  Now I want you to see that there were a legitimate 20 some reasons why you might go for Trump, with one of them being reserved for the bigots out there.  You cannot deny they exist.  But when you paint the entire field of Republicans who voted for Trump as a bucket of deplorables…this is potentially what happens.

I want you to also consider something else.  Trump mentioned early on, he got a lot of his ideas from talk radio.  He listened to the pulse of the people.  He heard their anger.  He heard the frustration and pain.  He then formed a plan and executed the will of the people (that he listened to on the radio).  I can tell you, many people think Clinton was out of touch with the democratic electorate.  She would “do or say anything to get elected”.

No matter who you voted for, this election post mortem will be talked about for the next 200 years in this country.

What is now of interest to me is to see if he can actually deliver on some of these promises.