We now have an orange president in the United States.

I did not vote this year.  Each candidate had successfully eliminated themselves from my consideration.  I live in Pennsylvania, which was a big swing state that went red.

I was on the Trump train a few times – and even wrote plenty about his upside earlier in the year.  I also flirted a bit with Gary Johnson until he flubbed too many times on kinda sorta really important stuff.  I was a Hillary fan in 2008, but over the years I have really not gotten on board.

When I did like Trump’s messages, there was a lot of anger towards me from the left.

  1. “You must be racist.”
  2. “How can you support a womanizer.”
  3. “He called all Mexicans rapists.”
  4. “He is a liar and just trying to get your vote.”
  5. “He’s going to reverse gay marriage and roe v wade!!”
  6. “He’s going to bankrupt America!”
  7. “He has no experience. “
  8. “Who talks like that???”
  9. “He seems like he might be crazy, what about this whole thermonuclear war thing?”
  10. “He has no policies!!  How exactly is he going to fix Obamacare?”

To answer the above questions…

  1. I am not a racist.  I voted for Obama twice.  His policies are pro American, not pro any color.  People like to paint others as racists, as it simplifies them and puts them into a neat little box.  I didn’t like Obamacare rates going up so much that most of my friends that have it are cancelling it.  I’m allowed to be a critical thinker.  I like that it allows those with a pre-existing condition.
  2. I believe he’s not any more of a womanizer than I would be if I had $4 billion.  He kept it real.
  3. He did not call all Mexican rapists.  Listen to it 400 times. We have immigration rules in this country.  We need nurses and doctors, so in other countries that have nurses and doctors who want to come here, they get let in.  He was essentially saying that Mexico is sending poor unskilled and potentially dangerous people over their borders because they don’t have means of dealing with them.  Yes, in a 7 year span, illegals killed 25,000 people and committed sexual assault 67,000 times.  I have the links in my earlier posts.  Those numbers shocked me as well.  He then made a great point – if we have no means of filtering who is coming across the border, could he be wrong when those numbers back him up?
  4. Most if all politicians are liars to secure a job that enriches them in some way, shape, or form.  While “civic duty” is a noble calling for many of them, I believe with Trump he felt he could do the job better than those in power. He had the means to do it, and he mentioned his kids were finally old enough for him to turn the company over to.   What struck me early on about him was he could not be influenced by PACs and was “self funding”.  I believe he spent far less than everyone in the GOP field, and spent multiple times less than Clinton.  I think this was a big factor.  Where the Clintons made millions off of public office, shady business deals, and tried to act innocent – Trump went out and flaunted that he’s gamed the system time and time again and wants to change it.  This seemed more authentic to people – he’s admitting he’s shady and his motives are changing the system.  She is shady, won’t admit it, and her motives now seem cloudy.  He made like $500 million last year and the White House pays $400k per year.  Maybe he makes $10-30 million on the circuit after he retires.  The money didn’t seem to be a motivator, as he already has it.
  5. This is the equivalent of Obama (and Hillary) taking your guns.  There’s a lot of fear tactics both sides did.  I believe Mike Pence is someone far scarier for liberals than Trump.  Trump has pledged to put in conservative justices, but the bench has been relatively conservative for a lot of years.  In 2003, Trump was as Elton John’s wedding.  This is a NY republican, who has been very comfortable around the LGBT community for many years.  My guess is his conservative pics don’t go anywhere near gay marriage.  Abortion in this country is a tricky, tricky thing.  Conservatives ultimately want people to be responsible about sex, abstain until marriage.  If everyone were to follow that doctrine, you wouldn’t mostly need abortion.  However, the real world doesn’t work like this, and things happen.  I doubt Roe V Wade would ever be overturned, but I wouldn’t doubt planned parenthood would be defunded and more restrictions happen with abortion.  I think they are really just interested at this point in making abortion be a last ditch effort, not something that can be had at the drop of a hat.  That being said, the opposition wants that right completely free from restrictions.  Anyway – I doubt gay marriage is going anywhere.  Even if the courts would strike it down, it doesn’t really matter because the have the people and states to make a constitutional amendment.  The courts know this is kind of a “done deal”.  Now…gender problems with bathrooms?  Cakes with gay marriage?  These sorts of things might have some years to catch up.
  6. America was already going bankrupt, I hate to tell you.  4.9% unemployment sounds great and all, but could some of this be a federal/state workforce propped up by taxes and creating huge deficits?   Some economists dissed Trump’s budget.  Got news for you.  Congress does this, not Trump.  He might propose things, but they have the ultimate say.  Speaker Ryan, the self described “policy wonk” is the speaker, for now, and my guess is they are going to be able to pass a budget that projects good numbers.  I suspect some of Donald’s proposals may make it there, but not some.  Obama and the Dems have been talking about “deficit reduction” for years.  How about slashing costs and balancing the budget?  Yes…I know.  That would mean lots of unpopular cuts.  Well, if these cuts aren’t made, we will get to the point where we can’t even make payments on our debt.  Meaning, you take out another credit card to pay off the previous credit card. Trickle down economics has failed – mostly because spending was not reduced enough.  They collected less taxes, yes.  But they didn’t reduce spending. Ouch.  It might be nice for some tax breaks on the middle class.
  7. He has no experience!  Well, he has executive and leadership experience.  Delegation.  Accountability.  When was the last time you heard the word “accountability” and “government” in the same sentence.  He has promises of delegating to those who are in the know, and holding them accountable for results.  Do you remember FEMA under  Bush?  When the Katrina disaster happened, we found out that his only experience was to run an equine club.  Bush delegated this poorly, then he didn’t fire him.  I can see Trump getting his people together and forming panels to get “the best” people out there to do these jobs.  If they fuck up, I can see them getting fired.  Another thing with experience – it depends what you are looking for.  Mostly, at this level, you look for executive experience.  It’s why historically a lot of governors and generals were president.  You might not like him being a shady bastard, but being the executive of a multi billion dollar corporation that thrives on ROI, nuanced tax code, intricate laws – it’s good experience if we want to solve our spending issues.  Pussy grabbing aside, perhaps you overlook his sexual appetite to get the job done.  How many dems would have loved for Bill Clinton to run again?  Isn’t he a bit of a sexual deviant?  Can’t have it both ways on this one folks.  Sorry, it’s not different.  Oh…and what experience did George Washington have? Leading men.
  8. Ummm…more than you probably want to know if this is a surprise to you.  In our country, you have some folks who live by a bit of a code…where if you don’t swear or say things out loud you are thinking, you are a “better” person and more pure and proper.  Well..yes, I’ve been in the locker rooms, I’ve been in fraternity houses.  People do talk like that.  Funny, I actually know a guy who’s move x number of years ago was the “pussy grab”.  What if a woman kissed me on the cheek without consent?  Is that sexual assault?  Touching me on the arm?  Are we now in a world that you have to announce any move before you do anything or it’s sexual assault? This is part of what folks liked about him. He’s like a lot of people I know, or have known in some ways.  There is a phrase flying around called “rape culture” where just even trying to talk  to people about it might get your ass beat.  For many people in this world, newsflash, women do make moves on them without asking for consent.  A lot of this comes down to reading signals.  If you kissed a girl in 1935 and it was not wanted, she slapped you in the face for being too fresh or pulled away.  Today, it is somehow sexual assault.  You have to be able to read situations, and for many, this is difficult.  Some guys are more aggressive than others. Some women like aggressive guys.  Some women are more aggressive than others and some men like more aggressive women.
  9. Well, he might be fucking crazy.  But he’s just enough crazy that he might force opponents to think twice.  In Syria there was some red line, Iran there were nuclear talks.  North Korea keeps detonating nukes.  Trump acts just crazy enough that these guys might have to check this round.  I mean, we can send in the 7th fleet to Iran, invade them, spend a few trillion dollars on another war in the Middle East, or you can have a crazy white guy curmudgeon sort of make you think he might turn your country into glass if you do something.  With a hint of sincerity to it.  It might be an effective way of using the nuclear deterrent without spending trillions on a war.  Or, he might just be crazy.  I smell a best selling book when he’s done.  As of right this second, Putin has come to the table asking for full restoration of ties.  One might consider Secretary Clinton during her reset may have pissed off Putin and all of the warnings about him came from the person who f’d up.
  10. His website had a lot more details.  He wasn’t out there pitching his policies.  He’d tell you to spend an afternoon on his website reading about it.  He sold a product – himself – to the American people.  He was selling change.  He was selling hope to the rust belt with trade deals.  He was selling change on our southern border with these countless towns overrun by illegal aliens.  He was selling change to the countless victims of crime by illegals.  He was selling reduced taxes, reduced health care costs.  So – if you went to his website, you could see what a lot of his policies were.  I believe the “how” is going to be executed by his appointees.  A good executive might give his VP and directors broad goals to reach – it is up to the good VP or director to execute this – AND be held accountable.

I didn’t vote for Trump – I re-iterate that.  But I do see the appeal. I see the positives that could come from this.  I also see the dangers of the rhetoric.  The dangers of just simply scrapping trade deals when perhaps minor changes in details might work best.  I see the dangers of going after political foes to settle scores.  I see the dangers of a person who can seem morally corrupt in his personal life, yet try to tell others he’s capable of leading the morality of others.

What is next?  How can we stop seeing people crying over this loss?

  1. He really needs to say the right things.  A lot.  He needs to be inclusive, almost from the start.  Twitter shit needs to go buh bye.   He needs to really be presidential…because he’s now the president.
  2. He needs to appoint the right people.  This I actually have a lot of confidence in.  Mike Pence, by my standards, was a relative nobody who got in hot water with LGBT laws and selling cakes.  Pence was a solid, solid, solid pick for him.  I don’t believe in Pence’s political stances, but he performed well beyond what I thought he could.  Trump’s pick of him, to me, showed better executive judgment of Hillary’s pick over Tim Kaine, who often looked like some creepy uncle more than a VP candidate.
  3. He needs to soften his tone.  The rhetoric became dangerous, to the point where I felt his “ends justify the means” way of being elected did have too many similarities to the rise of Hitler.  Now…what he does with this power I hope would be vastly, vastly different.
  4. He needs to appoint a few lefties.  I know Obama put in some righties in his administration.  If the best guy on the planet for dept of agriculture was a dem, I believe he’d pick the dem.  It doesn’t matter if they agree on abortion.
  5. Dems need to do some introspection.  Biden was a solid guy with the right personality, but it appeared to be Clinton’s turn and Biden had some problems on the home front.  Bernie is a socialist who was essentially trying to get elected on promising people a lot of free things and $15 per hour minimum wage. I think a lot of people realize there is no “free” lunch, that someone is always paying for it.  $15 minimum wage for low level jobs is not a career destination, it’s a class defined in an image of communism.  Imagine about 60 million Americans working at 687 different types of jobs and all making the exact same wage.  Yeah.  Lots of incentive there.  Dems need to realize that while they have historically been the party that says the right things to LGBT and people of color, that they aren’t necessarily delivering the best options to them.  Trump flanked Clinton on the fact that ISIS are targeting and killing thousands of gays – and he wants to stop them now at all costs.  Clinton and company talk about coalitions, partnerships, treaties…while ISIS has spread for 5 years.  The American people didn’t want lip service, they wanted results.  You delivered boring doctrine of slow moving things that never developed.  What exactly was the plan on Syria?  Anyone step up and lead anything?  Oh…and your Obamacare officially broke the needle with this years premium hikes.  How is this supposed to help poor people get insurance that make $250 per week?


One thing has attracted me to the republican party.  The idea of picking yourself up by your bootstraps.  Personal accountability.  Do your part.  I’m not a perfect person.  I’m glad there are systems there to help people when they need it.  But I see inner cities these days and everything is broken.  Jobs are nowhere to be found.  Education is in the toilet, where hundreds of millions of dollars then go to suburban schools 5 miles away for their new school or football stadium.  There hasn’t been a real “change agent” for quite some time.

For this, I’m cautiously optimistic.

For the left, take a breath.  The orange freak has won, and your life probably won’t change much at all.  The hope is you have more money in your pocket and your are safer, but some rights might be slowed.  The hope is this guy puts in good, decent people and holds them accountable…and if he goes for re-election, I want to hear how he has fired people who didn’t work out.  I want him to tell success stories of how he was able to do things.

For those of you worrying about millions of people getting rounded up, a giant wall going in, or suddenly muslims somehow get turned out of the country…I wouldn’t sweat it.  Some of that is rhetoric, and if it ever gets to congress, most of this would get laughed out of chambers.

Relax.  Let’s see how the orange man does.

Because you know what folks? Those in the senate and house would not hesitate to impeach and remove him to put Pence in charge.  And Pence is far worse for you than Trump with civil rights.