I wrote one of these about a year ago with some timeless favorites.  I wanted to update the list to include a few new entrants.  While this list is not complete, there’s some meat on the bone here to start a decent list up.  While I am very much married, my wife has told me she’d leave me in a second for Derek Jeter.  So….fair play here for me to name who I would definitely NOT turn down.  I told her, “if you ever leave me, just trade up.  It’s all I ask”.  Yes, we have a sick sense of humor.  Below, I’m going to go into some detail with these pretty faces….

  • Tricia Helfer.  I first saw her on Battlestar Galactica as SIX.  Oh dear God.  She had this blonde hair and was right off of the super model circuit.  While she did “bitch ice queen” rather well, I was also surprised she had a nice range with vulnerability. She not only looks like the prom queen, she also looks like a vixen in the sack.helfer
  • Sarah Shahi  – she’s been a favorite of mine for a long time.  I believe she has some Persian background as well.  If memory serves me right, she was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  She’s been on a few TV shows, and most recently I loved her on “Person of Interest”.  In PoI, she wasn’t really given a big range of emotions to deal with.  I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.  sarah-shahi
  • Amy Acker – Another PoI alum, she gets me in the “geek” side.  Like she could easily be a sexy doctor, lawyer, chemist, etc.  Recently, she guest starred on the new MacGuyver.  amy-acker
  • Morena Baccarin – she’s been on just about every TV show for the last 15 years.  From Firefly to V to Homeland to Gotham and another 10 I’m not mentioning, to the most recent Deadpool.  She just has this look that I think can seduce any man on the planet, even the gay ones.  I didn’t necessarily like her short hair, but if anyone can pull off the short hair, it’s her.


  • Scottie from Suits.  (Abigail Spencer) – On the show, her name is Dana Scott.  Wow.  Saw her the first time and my jaw dropped.  Hottie Scottie.  She has a very demure soft side with a mix of a spine and smarts look.  She is now on a new show called “Timeless” and I’m very happy for her to get this lead role.  She more or less stole the scenes she was in with the leads on Suits.scottie
  • Jen Heward – this is someone most of you probably never heard of, nor ever will.  She does fitness blogs on YouTube, called “vlogs” for video blogs.  I was watching some fitness videos with her, Paige Hathaway, and Heidi Somers for a few weeks.  Paige is most definitely one of the most attractive women on the planet, but I kept coming back to Jen for her information.  The only thing that gets me is earlier in her videos, she does a little too much giggling which she’s been trying to edit out.  It then gets to a point where you feel  like you’re sitting there talking with a really fucking smart person about fitness and health.  Yes, she’s attractive (and healthy)…but she is pretty intelligent which tips the scales for me.  She mentioned at one point she’s 140 pounds and like 5’5″.  I think more women should focus on being “healthy” rather than being “thin”.  I’m sorry, bones sticking out is really gross.  The woman below is fit and eats healthy.  Hopefully, I can continue to learn a ton of good info along the way.


  • Ashley Graham (the fitter version).  If you look up Ashley Graham online, you see a very, very wide range of looks she has.  She’s 5’10”, and some times she’s been listed as low as 170/180.  She has a face very similar to Cindy Crawford, and when she’s on the lower side of her look, it’s ridiculously hot to me.  That being said, she shouldn’t give a fuck nugget of cares what me or other people think.  One of the points me adding her here is that women can be curvy and fucking hot as hell too.  I think the stick figure models who look emaciated look like crack whores and walking clothes hangers to model tiny clothing.  So, tell me the below isn’t attractive?  I would most definitely not be able to turn down this woman…lol.

    Anyway – enjoy the list.  Did I forget anyone?  comment below…