I do a good amount of job hunting to proactively manage my career.  I chuckled to myself when I thought of this possible job opening:

Wanted: competent government policy wonk capable of working for orange-haired overlord with mood fluctuations.  Must be capable of installing parental controls on twitter and nuclear application controls.  Need self-starter who is capable of tearing out spine and putting it in a jar.  Must be willing to violate Geneva convention, Constitution, and any/all federal state laws to pass agendas.  Must be capable of controlling eye rolling movements when on stage.  Must be good with masonry work and roll up sleeves on building walls.  Must be capable of interacting with various C list celebrities at White House dinners.  Must also bring own checkbook for expensive campaign.  Benefits: Good salary, secret service detail, scorn from every liberal in the country, free Mexican buffet in any Trump towers for life.

Yes, I support Trump – but sometimes I have to smirk at what type of circus was created in the fight to get out of the group of 17 with his own money.  Just last night, he started tearing into Elizabeth Warren.  I suspect because she’s on a shortlist for VP candidates. 

Sometimes I wonder, who will Trump get to play the role of VP?  He has said he wants a person who can get legislation passed – so possibly a senator, congressman, or governor.   He’s also a rich old white guy from New York, so it’s possible he may want to go in a different direction from his demographics for the general election.  Perhaps a black woman from the south, a Hispanic from the South/West, or even an Indian from the south.   Maybe he goes for a middle of the road/left VP?  Here’s what I came up with:


Black woman from the south


Condoleeza Rice – She is 61 years old, a former national security advisor, secretary of state, and is a black female conservative from Birmingham, AL.  She has a PhD and just happens to also be a brilliant pianist.  I was not a Bush fan in the least, but I’m not sure any liberal could think she is not capable.  It’s also worth mentioning, if 8 years from now she wants to run as president, she will be Hillary’s age and may stand a chance.  Her downside is no husband and children.  There is not a ton written about her personal life other than she dated a guy in the 1970s.  Wickedly smart, could help bolster Trump’s national security posture.  Still, this may not be a great pick to get legislation passed.

Hispanic from the South/West


While Rubio and Cruz are most likely out, who are some of the leading candidates?  This could give Trump some credibility with Hispanics.  When I googled this, I keep coming up with one name – Susana Martinez.  Apparently, she’s a no-nonsense governor of New Mexico who used to be a Dem in a blue state.  This could help Trump with the Latino vote for sure, help keep him in check, and help win a blue state along the way.  Given she used to be a dem, perhaps she is friendly to socially liberal issues which could be attractive to voters on the fence.  The question would be, would she even be interested?


Indian from the South?


                There’s two on this list, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley.  Bobby Jindal is really kind of out there for my tastes, and is wildly popular in Louisiana.  Nikki Haley is the daughter of immigrants, is of Indian heritage is a deeply republican state, and shares some of Trump’s views on immigration.  While she is a governor now, she used to be a member of South Carolina house of representatives.  I don’t know a ton about her, but her name has come up a lot in the last few years – you may recall the confederate flag issue about a year ago she was involved in.  She’s also not bad on the eyes and much younger than Trump. 


White guy from the south


                I had to put this on the list because it’s possible that a female or minority at the top of Trump’s list doesn’t want any part of it.  I feel Senator Jeff Sessions is a known quantity here.  Apparently, he’s helped Trump and is the only senator at the moment endorsing him.  Trump needs votes in the south, Sessions can do this.  Trump needs someone who can get legislation passed, this guy can do it. 


From the president candidate pool?

                Obviously I think many people would be cool with Kasich.  It’s quite possible Kasich saw Cruz bow out and realized there was zero chance of a contested convention and “never Trump” then became obsolete.  He may have also heard the chatter of Trump supporters not hating on Kasich and felt he’d be an extremely competent VP.  Governor of the 6th or 7th largest state, former congressman with armed services committee and budget experience.  If I was playing the role of Trump at the moment, I would definitely reach out to him. 

                Then you have Chris Christie – but he’s from the next state over and is kind of as brash as Trump.  Christie stood up well to Marco Rubio on stage, and if anyone spent 5 minutes to listen to him, he was extremely well prepared and had a lot of great points.  His biggest problem, like all of them, was Trump sucked up all of the oxygen in the room.  He’s only 53 years old.   If Trump is elected and at the end of 8 years they want someone to continue a legacy, Christie could pick that torch up and run with it at the age of 61.  Obviously he would have 8 years to take a few more pounds off.  Right now, I see Christie as a capable selection for Attorney General.

                Ben Carson??  Nope.  That ship has sailed to him being a pretty weird dude.  However, in his defense, he’s a beloved figure in Maryland and given his background, he might have a shot to be Surgeon General if he wants it. 


For Fun…

                Mike Rowe has been a recent hero to a lot of people.  His no-nonsense, blue collared, lunch pail carrying demeanor has been noticed by a significant amount of people in this country.  He has championed “dirty jobs” and brought a lot of dignity to those types of jobs you and me turned our nose up to many years ago.  While I don’t think he’s a legit VP candidate, this guy might be brought to the White House often, and perhaps even as a Secretary of Labor type of position – where it’s more of morale thing than a policy thing.  The deputy Secretary of Labor could continue on with much of the day to day operations, but a Mike Rowe could be a face out there who speaks on behalf of an administration.  Something to think about!  Seriously – it’s just a matter of time before this man is tapped on the shoulder for something.


My rankings:

1)      John  Kasich – known entity, strong with congress/armed services/budgets, can also pull the establishment back in

2)      Condi Rice – extremely capable, female, African American from the south, great with foreign policy/national security. 

3)      Jeff Sessions – congressional help

4)      Susana Martinez – Hispanic governor from blue state

5)      Nikki Haley – South Carolina will always go republican, so she doesn’t help.  She’s female, could help with female vote.  Dark Horse. 

6)      Chris Christie – most likely Attorney General