Today is the New Hampshire primary, and I started thinking to myself – wouldn’t Romney/Biden be a more conventional matchup?

My guess is this country is roughly 40 percent right, 40 percent left, and then there’s this hybrid of people I fall into in the center 20%.  During the primaries – each party has to appeal to its 40 percent, and sometimes candidates go too far to appease these voters and then in the general election the middle 20 percent gets muddled with people on the middle-left who can’t vote for a full blown conservative and vice versa.

It appears the remaining candidates have some serious issues we can poke at below…let’s take a look at some problems.

  1. Rubio – his biggest weakness so far it seems is he has zero exceptions to abortion, not even rape or incest.  So some 11 year old girl who is raped may have to carry a child to term under Rubio.  There may be 3-4 supreme court justice spots opening up in the next 4 years and there’s a republican congress.  This is a pretty dangerous position to have and could have the left/left-center voting in droves against him.
  2. Trump – while people such as myself are interested in the business side of things with him, it’s almost universal with two concerns: foreign policy and his non-presidential demeanor.  My hope is that Trump comes out of a bloodbath of 17 candidates and then suddenly goes to work in the boardroom.  His current demeanor seems to strike it rich with certain types of voters – and he’s definitely right on some things with how the people feel.  Additionally, his projected “strength” can possibly hold a Putin in check.  However, I think many people realize that being president is a mix of strength, compromise, and finesse.
  3. Christie – unless he has a strong finish today, his campaign could be over in a few weeks.
  4. Bush – same as above.  His numbers have been in the mid to low single digits for some time.
  5. Cruz – he won Iowa, big deal.  He is a brilliant debater, but his problems are he is pretty far on the right side to capture any middle ground.
  6. Carson – he’s still running?  He will be suspending within 2 weeks is my guess.
  7. Kasich – what’s interesting about him is he seems to not be too far right on the social aspects.  I think he said during one debate that he went to a gay marriage.  Even if you personally don’t believe in gay marriage, showing respect to others will then attract middle-left voters.  Ohio is a purple state, I think the 7th largest.  No one seems to be attacking him.  He has experience in both the congress and as governor.  Don’t look now, but I think this might be the VP pick from whoever wins the GOP nomination – and I think Kasich knows it as well.
  8. Fiorina – done.
  9. Clinton – she’s in serious trouble.  The email thing is worse than many on the left want to believe.  Republicans have been calling for Lynch to step aside and let a special prosecutor handle this.  FBI  seems ready to indict.  Lynch was first appointed as a federal prosecutor by….Bill Clinton.  She was appointed by Obama, who had Hillary in his cabinet and her getting indicted over this could put more of a stink on his legacy, and get people wondering why he didn’t put a stop to this as her boss.  For those of you who don’t know much about this….she instructed her people to read classified information from a secure network, then log into their email accounts on her personal server and write emails to her account on her personal server.  This is called spillage folks.  She ordered people to do this, which is pretty criminal, and at the worst, negligence which is gross in nature.  To top it off, the server was in a contractor’s bathroom closet, meaning every intelligence agency in the world has read all of her emails, except for us because she wiped 30,000 “personal” emails off of the system before she handed over the drive.  By the way, the email account had 1500 classified emails and 22 classified at the highest levels.  I’m a lifelong democrat (mostly) – this cannot be tolerated by our leaders because you’re putting our CIA officers and military personnel in danger by doing this.  “Nothing was MARKED” classified.  Yup.  Word parsing.  Go log into your gmail account right now, and look for the classified button.  It doesn’t exist, right?  Yeah, her folks used Outlook or the like on a personal server.
  10. Bernie – there are some aspects of European semi-socialist models that are appealing.  Over there, they pretty much have like a flat 40% tax for everyone or the like.  They have free public transportation, college, and medical coverage.  The problem that many people in this country don’t realize is that with paying for your existing taxes, schooling, and medical, you’re probably going well over that 40% now.  So, there is something to it.  I think as a country, there is a lot to learn from those countries.  The problems you start running into is it is a fact that those countries have lower growth rates than us.  So, ultimately, we could head into a decade long recession or so during the transition…and come out of it really strong.  But no person on the planet politically can make those changes at once and ever get elected for a second term.  It might be something that happens gradually, but Bernie is running into a republican congress who is trying to undo things already they feel are socialist.   Bernie could be a friend to the 2nd amendment right center folks.  However, things like his “free healthcare”, even with raising taxes, have projected deficits of between $3-$14 trillion.  That’s a yearly deficit folks.  That’s a problem.