This should be the headlines, according to the GOP circa 2007.  Why?

In 2007, there were a LOT of my conservative friends shouting from the hilltops that Obama’s birth certificate does not exist.  It’s not real.  He was born in KENYA!  He’s MUSLIM!  Obama is a KEYNAN MUSLIM trying to be president and that should never happen!!

Look – I loved Obama’s speeches.  I was moved.  I had so much hope.  He has actually done some really good stuff, but I’ve been overall somewhat disappointed.  He also had pretty much the most opposition of any congress, ever, in history – but even when he had both houses, not much good was done.

This is not about Obama’s legacy…it was about his right to run, and how there is a LOT of hypocrisy in this world.


It is a well-known fact that Cruz was born in Canada and first came here when he was FOUR.  Yet he claims this is a “non-issue” because his mother was a U.S. citizen, and therefore he is a naturally born U.S. citizen.  According to him, this is just overblown and really nothing to talk about.

I can’t help but draw parallels to 2008.  First, I find it rather hard to comprehend we keep having this much controversy over the subject, as Senator McCain was actually born in Panama…on a U.S. two U.S. citizens.  Anyway, every GOP supporter on my Facebook feed was filled with vitriol about how he was born in Kenya.

Let’s go over the stats…

Obama….half white, half black.  Brown skinned appearance.  Born in Hawaii to mother who was white U.S. citizen and black Kenyan father.  Birth certificate (of sorts) was finally produced months after accusations he was not born in Hawaii.  It wasn’t actually a birth certificate, it was some sort of live certificate of birth or something weird I never heard of.  Harvard law degree.  Accused of being Kenyan Muslim who should not have been able to run for president.

Cruz…half white, half Cuban.  Lighter white skinned appearance.  Born in Canada to mother who was a white U.S. citizen and Hispanic Cuban father.  Emigrated to U.S. at 4 years old.  Birth certificate happened in Canada.  Harvard Law degree.  Not accused of being Communist Cuban who should not be able to run for president.  Considered “non-issue” because his mother was a U.S. citizen.

So where are all of the conservatives going after Cruz?  His mother was a U.S. citizen so he is too, and this is a non-issue?  Ohh….just checking, I thought you were talking about Obama for a second there.