I watched Return of the Jedi for like the 45th time last night, and it gave me the idea for this post.  That outfit Carrie Fisher is rocking is smoking hot – but what other movies/TV shows have had some of these types of moments?  Given I’ve seen a few thousand movies, I’m going to attempt to shake and rattle my brain to cough out a few good ones.  What makes this list?  Ever have those moments where you’re watching something, and something comes on screen, and you realize you were sort of faking your way through the movie and this person woke your ass up?  Like…whoa?

I’ll add some more later, but let’s start with these…

“Best sci-fi moment”…Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi.




Teri Hatcher in anything she’s ever been in, I’m giving her the “utility player” award because of so much that she’s done that was shit but yet she was memorable.  I first saw Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker in MacGuyver.  Later, at age of 15 I saw her in some movie when I was in Toronto…waited until the credits ran to find out who she was.  Former NFL cheerleader.   Former Lois Lane in a cheese-laden show.  Former Bond girl in the worst Bond movie ever made.  Former TV MILF on unwatchable show that lasted like 7 years.   What does anyone remember about the Garden of Good and Evil?  Just about anything she wears jumps out on the screen.  Unfortunately, it’s not the script or acting we remember about her movies – and her career has now spanned 30 years, so she needs to get this nod for accomplishing so much with actually accomplishing so little.




Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  This gets the nod for “best bikini picture”.  This is just a touch before my generation came of age, but I remember how much of an affect this outfit had on many, many, many folks.  I think she quit acting after Gremlins to marry Kevin Kline…but this image to this day  is still well known everywhere.




Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary.  The opening credits are enough to be like “wha????”.  Not sure I had ever seen anything like this in a movie before or since, so this was sort of a landmark for this type of outfit to make its way into mainstream movies.  This has to get the nod for “best use of equipment for an outfit”.



“Best military outfit” – Kristanna Loken in T3.   While she is a gorgeous woman, she completely rocks the military outfit.




Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies.  I was not a big JLC fan before or since, but she completely hit a home run in this movie.  This award goes for “best lingerie scene from a MILF”.   Completely unexpected when I first saw the movie, needless to say I had to see it a few times more.



Jennifer Garner in Alias – award goes for the “shock value on mainstream TV”.  Jennifer Garner had a small part in Pearl Harbor, then gets this gig.  Every episode, she’s wearing different crazy outfits and multiple colored wigs – she essentially was a different character in every episode while undercover.

Jennifer Garner


Brooke Langton in The Replacements.  Going to fire this in here for “Best Cheerleader” outfit.  I don’t know what it was about her in this movie, but I found I’ve seen the movie maybe 4 or 5 times.  When I was thinking of Best Cheerleader outfit, this came to mind.  Why?  Because the movie is dreck and I realized she was the only watchable thing in it.


Ali Larter – award for “best food related outfit”.  What movie was this again??  Who cares.  It’s the only reason a lot of us watched it to begin with.



Hayley Atwell wins for “Best Vintage” outfit, as she plays a character in the 1940s and rocks the vintage outfits week in and week out.