You know, I am not quite sure I understand why each of the 50 states issues their own driver’s license other than there’s no such talk of driving in the constitution, so this reverts to states’ rights.  I sort of get that.

Do we all agree that we are all supposed to get a social security card?  Isn’t it some sort of law?

So how hard would it be to then require everyone to get a national ID card?  These can be issued by states’ DMVs and do not cost the person any money.  You’d have several levels of cards, all with magnetic strips:

  • White.  You are a citizen of the United  States.  These have you picture on them with information like where you live.
  • White with green stripe.  You are an authorized alien who is permitted to live here and it has an expiration date.
  • White with red stripe.  You are an authorized guest worker in the United States or guest visitor for short period.

The past 2 weeks, I’ve seen different members of government entities not be able to answer simple questions about who is in the country legally/illegally.  I’m thinking this can help us…

  • Voting.  We need picture ID to buy a pack of cigarettes, but we don’t need to prove it to vote for a president?  Horse shit.  If “cost” is such a problem, remove cost issues by providing them free of charge to those who cannot afford it or free to everyone.
  • Tracking.
    • When you enter the country you are swiped in
    • When you stay at a hotel, rent a car, buy gas, buy food, buy a movie pass, buy a pack of gum – your card is swiped if NOT a white card.  White cards are NOT tracked, EVER.  If you are a vendor who has electronic swiping capabilities, you MUST view the patron’s card to see if it is a white, white/green, or white/red.  If not white card, you must swipe.
    • When you leave the country through Canada on a drive or by plane anywhere, you must be swiped out.
  • Benefits….jail
    • If you are someone with a white/green national ID card and are arrested/convicted, you will be deported.
    • If you are someone with a white/green national ID card and are using benefits such as welfare, food stamps, disability for x amount of time, you can become deported.  We will help people when they are down, but we will not tolerate people who abuse our systems.
  • Tracking part deux for White/Green and White/Red
    • When you open a bank account with your card, you are then being watched and your ID is tied to the bank account and monitored for suspicious transactions
    • Your ID will be flagged for income taxes.  If you do not file income taxes, you will be deported
    • When you rent an apartment, it’s linked to your ID.
    • When you get a phone line, buy throw away phones, get any utility bill, it will be linked to your national ID
    • When anyone rents an apartment, national card status must be reported for all inhabitants.
    • National ID cards of the white/green and white/red will have pictures which also can be used with facial recognition software.
  • If you are buying goods for someone with a white/green or white/red and are not authorized to do so, you will face prison.  For example, if you are a white card and your significant other is a white/green, you can buy groceries or dinner for them.  You cannot do things like rent cars for them.  You are allowed to date whoever you want, but if the person has a white/green or white/red card, you must let immigration know.  Why?  Because the white/green person may be interacting with terrorists and using you to hide in plain sight.


Let me be clear.  This is not about any form of discrimination.  These policies would apply uniformly to a white British foreign national who is Christian as well as to a Syrian refugee who is muslim as well as a Mexican day laborer who comes across every day to bust his ass for a paycheck for his family.

Let me also be clear.  This is ultimately about being able to track people in this country who are NOT citizens who we currently CANNOT track.  We need to know where they are, where they go, what they buy, and what ties they have to where.

This will also help us with voting and to ensure voting is above board.

This will be in conjunction with building a wall and adding more cameras to large cities which use facial recognition software.

All of the above items are meant to improve security by making it harder to operate a terrorist cell in this country.  Nothing is perfect, but these measures are a first line of defense.