To many of you, he seems like an egotistical blow hard who is a racist, Cretan, and perhaps dangerous.

I’m continuing to fall into the trap of liking him.  I know.  I have a college degree, why am I falling for his horse shit?  Here are the main reasons:

  1. He has $10 billion.  While being rich does not make you smart, it does show that he has a pretty good idea of how to run a business.
  2. He has $10 billion.  What this means is that he does not need PAC money and is therefore not capable of being bought off by special interests.
  3. He has $10 billion.  Our country has sadly gone pretty PC.  I’m literally a card carrying democrat and I’m saying that.  He has enough money where he can almost say whatever the hell he wants, even if controversial, and start conversations.
  4. He has $10 billion.  As an executive of a large company, he understands the concepts of project management, man hours, efficiencies….things our government had forgotten about many years ago.  The same reason I wanted Perot in 1992 and Bush in 2000 was for the business side of things.  My feelings about Bush quickly receded, however.
  5. He graduated from the Wharton School.  While many of you don’t know what the hell this is, it’s the equivalent to Harvard Law for business folks.  I like that this man has the book smarts and intellect to do the job.

If you haven’t seen this interview before with Oprah in 1998, take a look.  He appears to be very intellectual, thoughtful, and composed.  I believe this is the real Donald Trump….at least I hope.

Why, you ask?

Yes, he’s said some provocative things.  However, they weren’t mostly inaccurate.  He might offend you, but it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.  I’ve been talking about illegal immigration for many years anywhere I can.

I’m going to go over a thought experiment with you.  I want you to buy a house with 50 rooms and 50 acres.  You have a fence around some of your property.  One day, you discover people living in tents on part of your property.  You try to be nice, and ask them to leave.  They leave, and the next day they come back.  You shoo them off again, and the same thing happens.  Eventually, they bring their friends, and you can’t shoo them all.  You call the police, and they are busy and don’t come.  Or, they come, pick them up, write them a citation, drive them off your property, and they are back the next day.  Eventually, they start living in your house.  How would you feel?

OK, so not the same thing, but maybe you decide you want to rent rooms to people, in your house.  Don’t you have the right to be able to decide who to let in?  Maybe you’d like to do a background check?

What’s happened is that 11 million people moved in, and you have no idea who the fuck is crashing in your house.  While it appears many of them are law abiding and decent people, I still don’t know who they are.  Donald seemed to say…

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. ”

Consider this statement….which is what I heard.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime, their rapists.”

One way of reading this is slightly different than the other.  And, consider this….in the weeks after that statement, there were countless news reports of such things.  Illegal immigrants who sometimes were kicked out of this country several times committing terrible crimes.

In this country, bad shit happens…and then people ask, “what could you have done about it?”  They finger point.  They wave.  They want to hold people accountable.  Then they move on to the next news cycle.  The problem is…there are real victims here who are U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants.  What in fact are we doing to protect them?

Sorry.  You just can’t assume 11 million people are good people.  If you believe that, man do I have a deal on a bridge for you.  Statistically speaking, even if 1 percent of them are criminals, that’s 110,000 people across 50 states who are causing injury to businesses and families near you.  The U.S. roughly has 1% of its citizens currently incarcerated, by the way.

So, I feel like building a wall makes a lot of sense.  Detractors say it will do nothing.  Actually, doing nothing is doing nothing.  Do people just expect this to stop?  We happen to be in a war with terrorists who talk about coming into this country and killing us.  And our brilliant answer is… do nothing.

11 million people.  110,000 felons (maybe).

So The Donald really resonated with me on this…and a wall has been talked about for 15 years, yet no one can do it.  Enter stage right the real estate mogul who builds shit for a living.

That was his launching point with me.  It makes no sense for us to tolerate 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants in this country.  Where I disagree with  Trump is sending them back.  Well….that’s just not going to work logistically.  What he can do is pull out the pareto chart….where are the worst people at I can send back?  Let’s target those 110,000 people.  Where are they?  Let’s get them.

But the genius is the carnival barker element. You can see in the interview with Oprah that he seems to really have his shit together.  Then TV happened, and he learned how to get ratings.  He understood how to create drama on TV.  He became extremely skilled with it.  And he’s fooled you into thinking he is that damn clown…..


In order to defeat the Republicans in the primaries – Romney had to go ultra conservative in order to buy votes, but he was too far right to capture much of the middle and lost.  The irony was that he was more centrist than he was allowed to be portrayed as.  That model will never, ever win a presidential election ever again.

The Donald wanted to run for president, obviously for some time.  He has spent years planning this.  And he’s a master of media manipulation.

  1. Say something outrageous with hints of truth…
  2. Media everywhere goes apeshit….he rules the pundits
  3. Truth in what he says is revealed…pundits eat shit….polls go up based on “straight talk” and given passes for not being a polished robot like Romney.
  4. Milks the morning shows for every nickel of time to put down competitors.
  5. Rinse and repeat a few days later.


I’m sorry…he’s got 35-45% in different polls, and has spend a grand total of $225,000 on advertising.

There’s elements of genius going on here I think I’m in awe of.

My wish is for him to win the Republican nominee then dial back the crazy.  The tough talk is understood, just dial back the crazy.  It’s not him.  It’s the carnival barker who has scored high ratings on a TV the past decade.

However, the genius is not really in doubt here.