I have intentionally chosen a more “wholesome” image of Miley Cyrus to post here.  When we hear her name these days, it is synonymous with the tongue….the raunchy outfits….and even Hannah Montana.  But what is rarely directly discussed is her amazing talent singing.  Occasionally I run across a video that has me perplexed – how someone so talented can market herself as such a train wreck.  However, some of this I believe is intentional.  Drive her image permanently away from Hannah Montana, push the edges of decency….and almost seem to model after the weirdness of Lady Gaga, sans meat.

So I’d like to share a few of these videos here, and see what you think.  Would you like to see more of this side of her?

  1. Silent night – very impressive rendition and she seemed to even hold back her power a bit.
  2. Jolene – I never liked this song until I heard her cover it.
  3. Wrecking ball – obviously a smash commercial success, but for those living in a cave, this is what she’s famous for.